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I’d never given much thought to how different Edward and I were—though I’d had reason enough in the last few months of our whirlwind romance. But now that we were finally on our honeymoon, the differences were becoming ever more evident.

I stared without breathing across the dark room as Edward stood in front of the closed drapes, which blocked the sun from our Acapulco hotel suite. On the wall beside Edward was a tall mirror, which didn’t reflect his image. Still, I didn’t need a mirror to tell me of the beauty I saw before me. Edward’s pale, chiseled body heaved as he smiled at me, and his taut buttocks tensed slightly, running an erotic flash between my thighs.

Edward’s gaze was mesmerizing. I felt like prey caught in the eyes of a powerful predator. A predator who could rip me apart if he chose—rip me to pieces and drink my ever-so-vital fluids.

“You know I’d never harm you,” Edward said, reaching for my hand. He pulled me close and hugged me to his sweaty body. “Never forget,” he added. “I may be a monster, but I love you.”

“You’re no monster,” I said as I kissed him.

“Perhaps. But the vampire leaders won’t be happy that we’ve married.”

“Why should they care?”

Edward looked pained, as if I’d asked him to bare his soul for all the world to see. “There are things about my people we never show outsiders.”

“Like what? Do you glow in the sunlight or something?” I’d meant the comment only in jest, but Edward looked at me with his ages-old gaze and nodded.

“You are close,” he said. “It’s supposedly the most intense feeling any vampire can experience.”

“Better than sex?” I asked, wicked memories of last night flashing through my mind.

“Far better. Would you like to experience it with me?”

My body shivered in excitement as Edward again pulled me close and we kissed, a kiss that reached into the depths of my soul and caressed my very being. As we kissed, Edward reached out with his free hand and flung open the drapes, revealing the morning sunlight angling across the beach and the waves. In the sunlight, Edward sparkled, light jumping around his body as our kiss grew even more passionate, our emotions crashing like the waves outside our hotel room. I felt like I was on fire.

Except I wasn’t on fire—Edward was on fire!

He looked at me in panic as I stepped back. His skin smoked and his sexy hair flared. His wondrous, taut buttocks charred black. “Aw crap,” he said. “They always told me we sparkled in the sunlight.”

As he said this his body exploded in flames, knocking me against the window. When I stood up, ash rained across the hotel room.

I guess Acapulco wasn’t a good choice for a vampire honeymoon.

📚Author: Jason Sanford
(499 words)


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