Swing: 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge

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Good day Steemians and freewriters around the world!

Welcome to the Day 211 of 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge and here is my entry for today's prompt which is swing.

I decided to continue the story I created yesterday which you can read here

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I am M.........
Ahem, ahem... She cleared her throat.
"I don't have to introduce myself
because you didn't", she said.
I am gasping for air.
I tried to introduce myself
but I sneezed three times.
Phlegm came out!
"Yuck!" She said.
I wiped it with my hand, oh so nasty!
"What are you going to do with me?", I said.
"Nothing! I just want to take you somewhere else."
I was afraid. I feel like I am on a swing,
swinging left to right. I was dizzy.
"I need you to do something", she said.
"What is it?", I replied.
"Just follow me", she whispered.
The lady looks so scary with her black dress.
She must be a black fairy.
She took me to the horse as we headed to a palace.
It looks majestic, but was like trapped in darkness.
If only a smile can let the light shine. The gate has opened.
We entered the the city of old.
People looks so sad, that I tried to control my smile.
Then heard a roaring sound and I was shocked!


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