Spa (A 5-Minute Short)

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"Jenny, will you join me?" A stranger called out. I nodded and slowly slipped into the hot spring, testing the temperature first with a dip of the toe.

It was the weekend after accreditation of the company and everyone from the office agreed to go on a weekend retreat if we survived the bloody week. We took a three-hour bumpy ride to the mountains early in the morning and arrived with sore butts at half past seven am.

The place was indeed cool and refreshing despite its lackluster name "The Spa". On second thought, it offered a sense of mystery, which I thought it really had. A beautiful resort situated on an escarpment that offered a full view of trees, rivers, and one majestic fall. It was hidden by a forest of pine trees and the only entrance was through a cut made on a big rock such that the rock was cut in the center offering 2 equal split pieces as a pillar to guard the entire place.

In the heart of the resort was an ancient building named Ishiwata Bath House, inside were private rooms which we immediately occupied for the day. The rooms were smaller than expected, about only 3-4 people could fit in. I decided to get some alone time and went to the farthest room. To my surprise a man was there, sitting all alone, lost in thought. His face was so serene but had a tinge of sadness. Peace and sadness, who knew they could perfectly go together?

I kept staring at him, spellbound. It took a while for him to notice my presence and when he did he looked up and said, "Jenny, will you join me?" I nodded and slowly slipped into the hot spring, testing the temperature first with a dip of the toe.

Thank you for reading the freewrite. This is in response to the prompt: Spa by the muse @mariannewest. She gives a daily prompt and we step up to the challenge.

Join in the fun!

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• Start writing
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Photo credits to Mambukal. Mambukal Resort is a great place to relax and unwind. If you plan to visit the Philippines, don't forget to come to Negros Occidental and dip in this natural sulfur hot spring. It will melt your worries away! It was one of the most relaxing swims I ever had. Check out the link provided for more information about the place. ;)

P. S. - Here's a real sneak peek inside the Ishiwata Bath House and one of the open hot spring. (Pictures were taken from the official Mambukal Website).

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Beware of strangers in lonely spa pools who know your name and invite you in lol. Good freewrite! 🙂

It's either a soulmate or a stalker, make a choice. Lol.

Thank you. :)

Now that place looks fantastic - definitely worth visiting! You've described them well in your story!

Thank you. It is a fantastic place indeed.

Spas are well worth visiting. Good for the tired body and the tired soul.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


Okay, a good word of caution here. The moral is well captured.

Meanwhile, i am here to encourage you to keep the #freewrites flowing. Accordingly, i here make the special delivery of today's prompt by, and from @marriannewest


Give us another, and another!

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Ooooh, innnnnteresting! How did he know her name? This is either creepy or enticing. I'm going to go with enticing ;)

Great freewrite!

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