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Peter looked behind his shoulders, Andrew, Tom, and Leonard in hard pursuit. "We have to go faster!", he shouted to Luke over the loud noise of the gushing water. The boys were racing towards the end of the waterway. Winner gets to drive the new bike Tom's dad bought for his birthday.

The boys earlier made rafts out of bamboo tied together. No paddles were readily available so they took long sticks to push the raft forward. The starting line was a wide waterway with no current. It was hard work under the heat of the sun but it was fun.

Soon, the current begun picking up speed as the waterways narrowed. None of them foresaw this part. At first, the boys were a bit terrified at the pace they were going but soon they learned to enjoy it. Faster! Faster!

The finish line became visible. One last downward slope! Everyone threw their sticks and held on to their rafts as hard as they could. Splash! Everyone fell on the water. Peter's head bobbed out and he began swimming to the side. His friends followed suit.

As the boys came up the side of the waterway, police were waiting for them. "Boys, I hope you enjoyed that stunt 'coz you're all under arrest for racing in the irrigation canal!"

Thank you for reading the freewrite. This is in response to the prompt: Canal by the muse @mariannewest. She gives a daily prompt and we step up to the challenge.

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I've seen boys do this except for the cop part. :D

That was an unexpected ending.

I thought they were falling to their deaths.

Lol, me too. He got us there.

They might have escaped death for now. ;)

Hate when a fun thing ends in that note, lol.

lol. Indeed. ^_^

thanks for shearing.

Nice one there bro.

Wow what an adventure...Maybe it was worth the risk...
Good writing.

here's the prompt for today:

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