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I do a lot by rote. I check on the price of steem by rote. I mean, maybe I shouldn't. I'm not going to do anything about the price of Steem day by day. But I check anyways. I'm baffled that folks don't jump on here. I dunno. Anyways. Nice to notice we've bounced back a bit. We were at 62 for a while and then fell to 63rd (on coinmarketcap by marketcap) but now we're at 60. So.

Doesn't matter.

My kid won't take his nap. He's fighting it. It's definitely nap time by every measure. It's not like, "oh, this is going to be a one nap day". It already is. It's just time for that one nap. At first he was screaming for mama, which, like, sure. I mean it's often the case that I put him down just fine for a nap without mama, but I get wanting her to be there for naptime. But then she just so happened to be in the neighborhood as naptime began, so he got some mama time, and then putting him down again, it's just not taking. He's alternating babbling with calling out. He needs sleep, man. He's overtired. Well, 30 more minutes of crib time, and then he can just have an exhausted afternoon. It's not ideal, though. Last time something like this happened, he fell asleep in the stroller on the way home from the park, and then didn't get bath and.. it was just a wonky sleep schedule for a bit. But whatever. Being a kid, being an adult, adapting... oh, I guess that means NOT doing things by rote.

I'm excited for tonight. I've been trying to get in on a V.O. studio orientation for years, and I'm finally going to get to do one!

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Hard to use rote with children as they have a mind of their own. 😊

It’s said a watched pot never boils but I still can’t stop looking at the steem price 20 times a day. And without
further ado I bring you the prompt for today:

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