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Hearts. Queens. Ofs.

Too many queens and kings and other aristocracy.

I'm not sure why we, humanity, or, well, Citizens of a lot of countries... many of them, anyways, think that capitalism is at all a fair system. Nor a good one.

Ok, if you want to make a case for lifting yourself up, well, I don't think that's really how capitalism works, but setting that aside for a moment, there are many people with tremendous wealth and power who did not earn the money, who inherited it. That's aristocracy, you know? Like Rupert Murdoch's son, Lachlan Murdoch. He didn't build a media empire from nothing. He's taking over his father's. You really think that's a meritocracy at work? This is a silly silly game we play with ourselves, to convince ourselves that any particular person has the right to control the livlihoods of such a huge organization, and especially when that's a media company, and especially when the power is bestowed on those who are connected by means of familial bonds.

Oh, railing against capitalism. All the good it does for me. Anybody else get their emotions tied up in games millionaires play? The Rams lost.

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I am not in 100% in support of capitalism

This could be the first time I am reading something serious from you..

I have another prompt ... wonder which side it will bring out...


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How true (sadly enough)

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