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Persuades persuades

Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility
Northanger Abbey

Ho, for it to be 5 years ago, but knowing what I know now.. And also, I don't want to give up Having Lochlan, so he's coming with us as we travel back in time to perform Catherine.

That's all really. Just do that show again. It was a good show. Solid. We had more energy.

The problems can all really be boiled down to a lack of sleep.

You know, I just ate a carrot. A carrot is a form of persuasion for donkeys.

Mmmm donkeys.

Fun to ride, funner to catch. Yes, chasing donkeys is a pasttime of mine. I like how many of them are on the streets of Seattle
They have two ears and a cheese face
There's a lot of cheese graters in the world
Snakc N


Ilm typing without looking looking

Today was long. I performed at the ren faire and it was very hot.
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