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This is the KEY.

I know it, I love it.

There are more keys out there, but this is the big, important one. This is the one that super duper matters. This is THE KEY.

Don't avoid my gaze. Gaze into my navel. It has an orange in it. Such out the juice of my navel orange. Let it seep down your chin and into the crevices hidden beneath your shirt, your deep deep, twisted navel.

Fill your navel with my orange juice. That's the key to all these things. Use your key to begin to unlock the orange just beneath the surface. If you scratch me, do I not juice? If you stick a straw into me, am I not Tropicana?

Fine and dandy. Find a dandy. Bring him along. He'll do nicely. Take out his peach drawers and squeeze them to the pithy pit pulp. Peel him and gobble the skin. Now the peach in laid bare. We've eaten the fuzz. He was too ripe, too juicy. It dribbles down my chin like a basketball.

Who is this scrumptious kumquat? Is she citrus? Oh, she prefers to be taken in one bite. Chomp and all her oozes stay in your mouth. They combine decadently. You cannot peel her, or rather, you can, but she is more delicious unpeeled, taken whole, with a first explosive bite, and then a decade to chew on.

Finally the kiwi. Tease her from her skin. She is not orange. Her key is slicing. She then will feel scooped out and plopped upon the tongue. You can plop her white side down or green side down, but either way, enjoy the crunch of those tiny black seeds.


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If you scratch me, do I not juice?
and then a decade to chew on.

I love this, an ode to scrumptious fruit. Yum

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