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Hot cross essence

essence essences essence

Gotta get in the flow with enssece. Oh no, don't judge your work. Not during a freewrite. That's the essence of this. Is to just do without worrying without thinking hard about it. Just write write write.

And sure, you can worry. I mean, yeah, editing is the most important part of writing. Except it's not really, because if you don' write anything, there's nothing to edit. But I hage ugh so many toypseo .


I mean tehres nothing

I have so many edits I have so much love for editing. But this is not that in its essence.

Blagagagagagagagagagagagagagaga en pen pen oen poen oen pen pen pen

It's a little different when typing, because even if my handwriting is sloppu, I'm still not accientally writing u instead of u not nor is it was easy to write was instead of easy.
My hands must be tired or something. Drrooooppping. The essence of today is melty hands mely melt

Blagagagagaga I'm doing it I'm doing it. The day is at an end now, though there's no reason to stay awake. The child is asleep The things are things thinged. Dunno Aren't you glad you tried to let this nin nonsense make sense


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Maybe so, but I really enjoyed reading it anyway :)
Especially these ones:

"But I hage ugh so many toypseo .


I mean tehres nothing"

Because toypseo is the best new word!


It's a good word.

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I love it when new words appear :)
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