Describe a Clock -5minutefreewrite Comedy Open Mic Round 30

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Before my freewrite, let me also request that anyone reading this visit @cefralelo and upvote all of her posts that are not past payout. She is in Venezuela, needs surgery, and the cost of her surgery keeps going up because of inflation. While, to many of us, it may seem that Steem is tanking hard, it's actually a relatively stable currency, relative to the sudden hyperinflation in Venezuela. Please, use your votes to send her some money.

And now I will describe a clock for five minutes.

It used to be reliably 3 minutes slow. I'd look at that clock, and know that I needed to add three minutes to figure out what time it really was. Then @stinawog changed it without telling me. I was frustrating her with my urgency. I didn't know why she wasn't moving more urgently. The train was supposed to leave in just 4 minutes!

Nay, said she, we have 7 minutes.

And that was when she revealed to me her secret. She'd been keeping this secret for DAYS.

This is the oven clock. The lights that make the lines that are arrange in the shapes of numbers are green. They are surrounded by a greenish black. There is a plastic surface to protect the inner workings from the world of grease and dust that is the kitchen. That surface is covered in grease and dust. I wipe it off a few times a week. It doesn't stay clean for long. The world is just grease and dust, really, so why should the oven stovetop clock be any different.

It is 9:46 on that clock right now. Or, at least it should be. I can't actually see the six. OH now I can see that the lines on the left side that were making it at least maybe a six are gone, so it must say 9:47 now. And that happened several seconds before the clock on the computer changed to 9:47, and the computer clock is getting its time from the internet, I imagine, so the oven clock must be FAST NOW!

Aren't you glad you got to read about a clock?

I nominate @cefralelo and @mariannewest to also participate in Comedyopenmic

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Why is the greasy oven clock our favorite?


Is it?


Well for me it is yet I don't understand why, it is always greasy yet the microwave clock is right above... Maybe I like looking down on time and not up to it?


That's probably it. My favorite clock is the one on my fitbit. That one is reliably slow.

I can’t do that keeping the clock slow or fast or whatever. I just wouldn’t remember if I have it fast or slow or by how many minutes
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