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Snowy mountain. Warm and cozy in a lodge. Enough to eat. Bright yellow light. Outside white snow. No reason to go outside. Maybe went outside earlier to bring in some wood for the fireplace. Plenty of wood. Snowed in, but there’s plenty to eat all winter long. Good company. Eight of us. Two couples, and four good friends. Nine of us. No, eleven of us. Three couples, five good friends.

And we share the duties of food prep. And we spend the days writing together and playing games together and reading together. And one of us is into Yoga, and gets the others to try, and we throw dances parties sometimes, and sometimes we tell each other stories. And Someone brought a camera, so we make short videos, and upload them to the world to see, but we don’t spend much time on our devices. Because we give each other our attention.


See, that’s the thing about devices. It isn’t that we use them in lieu of human contact. It’s that other people are busy with theirs, so we busy ourselves with ours while we wait for them to finish with theirs.

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You're so right @improv, let me get off my phone so I can send you today's prompt.


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Sounds like a blessing! :) Life managed to gather some light souls for concentration of creative time...