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Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The only song and rhythm I can made. And mind you, I am good at my tempo and I never miss a beat. Every day, I am surrounded by noises from human. They talk. They laugh. They fight. They quarrel. They cry. And the cycle repeats. I am honored to accompany their voice with my tick-tock rhythm. I was here in the middle of the living hall ever since they shifted in, they bought me. I felt this is a first class grand stage, where I am, I can have a glance of everything in the hall. My owner takes good care of me, in a blink of an eye, it has been 10 years here in this place. And not to forget, she always uses me to teach her children about time.

Yours faithfully,

My clock in the living hall

The clock in my house gives me memory. My parents and I were shopping to buy stuff for the house before I got married. We bought some simple furnitures, a couple of plates and bowls, cutleries, floor mats, just to name a few. And then my dad said we need a clock. So we went to the clock shop to have a look. I thought we should go to IKEA as the clocks there would suit my taste.

My dad still prefer to buy clock from a traditional single-purpose clock🕒 shop. Being a respectful daughter, I complied.

I tried to scan around, hopefully I would spot one with classy elegant look. But there was none.

"This looks sturdy, we need something like this to last long," said my dad, while I looked at it and thought of the word 'old-fashioned'.

And it was not cheap at all, RM70 plus compared to those classy ones I could get for RM20. Oh well, since dad wanted to buy, it was only right to let him choose. It was their house anyway, not mine.

10 years had passed and the clock still serves me well. The only thing is, it is a clock which rushes. Maybe it takes after me. I always feel my life is full of rush here, rush there. Every few months, this clock will be faster by five to ten minutes. I have to readjust it.

I fall in love with this clock simply because it is bought by my dad. I miss my parents every single day. This clocks remind me that my dad has a good taste and most of the time, parents are always right.

"So, son, a riddle for you, the eldest brother is longer and moves faster, the younger brother is short and moves shorter, what is it?" I asked.

"Me and my brother," answered Jayden.

"No, it is the long and short needle at the clock. Gotcha!"

"What has hands and face only, no body and no legs?" I asked again.

"This time I am sure I got it right, clock!" He answered happily.

"Time is precious, it waits for no one...... Learn to enjoy and make full use of every second... Bla bla bla...," mummy continues with her lesson on time.

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Very nice story. It's nice that we have things that remind us of loved ones.


Thank you @dalipops. Yes now that I am growing older, I found myself missing family often. Thank you for dropping by. :)

Me and my brother! Hahahahaha, good one Jayden!!! 😂😂😂


Yeah and it is a riddle in his maths text book. But yesterday asked him again he could not remember. Lol

My grandparents had a clock/barometer up on their wall...I remember it so clearly, but I never could read that thing.


That sounds like an interesting clock. @fromage :)

Now.. That's a happy clock with an appreciative owner .. ha ha


Indeed a happy clock. Thank you @ireenchew for always supporting.

Time is precious indeed

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Yes so precious and most of the time not enough for usage. Sometimes I wish I can stop the time. Haha. Thank you @wilhb81 for always supporting.


Ah, supernatural power - time freezing is what you need then XD

Great write-up.Time really flies by:)

Good call by your father. Just think, if you’d bought from IKEA it’d likely be long broken by now.
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Thank you @deirdyweirdy for delivering the prompt :)

It makes me remember the saying "Time and tide wait for none"


Yes. And we only have 24 hours per day. Thank you @sherbanu for swinging by.

Nice job. I should do a #freewrite some time. I'm always so busy doing what I do. You did this one really well.


I absolutely love what you are doing now. Due to limited time I can't read all although I wish too.

Thank you @blockurator for your compliment and support :)

I fall in love with this clock simply because it is bought by my dad. I miss my parents every single day. This clocks remind me that my dad has a good taste and most of the time, parents are always right. Beautiful!!!


This is terrible, I know!