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Okay, this is my first attempt to join the #freewrite challenge!

me playing music with children

The prompt today is #music, let's see what pops up! I already set the timer and feel the minutes ticking..
That's a kind of music too. The steady rythm of time, tick tick tick...
I am not listening to music right now, though I miss music a lot in my life. I am travelling and not in my own home, since I have none, really, so I am not really the master of putting on the music, and unfortunately I don't just do it anyway.. I usually steal minutes to listen to my own music when I find myself alone, which is almost never.
Then sometimes I will take out the guitar and fill the room with tones and song, but I don't even have my guitar with me now..
I listened to beautiful tones of african inspired music earlier, played by spotify for me, and it was beautiful. I will actually turn it on again I think when these minutes has gone, because I DO find myself alone right now, in my cousin's house as she is picking up the kids. So yes, soon the house will be filled with loud children, laughing and playing and maybe we will put on some music and dance together!

Music can heal and change energies! It can transform the mood of a whole gathering of people!
I heard a song yesterday.. "when you are down, what you have to do is sing, sing about your troubles", something like that. And yes, singing has helped me so many times! When I was a teenager, sometimes the only remedy for my confused young heart was to take out my guitar and just play and sing, and it could transform everything!


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Great job on your first #freewrite. Congratulations, I nominated you for my favorite story. 💕


Thank you! I am very honoured! <3

Great job and welcome to freewrite! I love your photo for this post. What a fun time that must have been.

You’ve been featured in our weekly curation post Freewrite Favorites at @freewritehouse. Thank you for participating and raising the bar with awesome, creative freewrites! Freewrite On!



Cool, thank you! <3

Wonderful job with your first freewrite. I am glad music lifts you, too! Safe travels.