Freewrite Favorites Volume #43

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I enjoyed a beautifully written poem by @dranuvar using the prompt: hear, hear. This is not your normal camp fire. And elder lights the fire and summons spirits of people and animals, who whisper stories which seemed to be scary and worthy of nightmares...OR...was it hearing the spirits voices that would give you nightmares. I'll let you decide. @whatisnew




I nominate @stinawog's Fan for my favorite! It's one of those "personify an inanimate object" stories, and I love those. I especially love imagining the hopes and dreams of them, and how often they travel, and how they feel about the places to which they travel. Entirely coincidentally, just a few days before she wrote this, I had mused to her, while watching a truck with mud on its wheels, wondering whether the mud was excited for adventuring across the city or sad because it had left home and would probably never see the mud it had spent so many years with.
I imagine its feelings were like those of the people who left other continents to come to America before the advent of air travel. @improv




I'm a sucker for surprise endings, and this story did not disappoint there, but it's the character that I love about this story. A woman who may or may not consider herself to be "an old fart", and can only get to the level of indifference about the things that she loves. She watches the soaps instead of doing the one thing (live theater and who she is while there - not an old fart) that she unquestioningly loves. Her fears of the night, the dangers that always lurk there, and ultimately the night was truly something to fear. To stop short of ever feeling full joy right up until the end. Very deep. Love this one by @marie-jay ~ @owasco




My pick of the week has to be wandrnrose7's absorbing tale of the secretive David and his hapless girlfriend Carrie, the next part of which I'm eagerly awaiting after the cliff-hanger in part 4. As the story unfolds we follow Carrie as she is drawn ever deeper into the web of lies that David has spun around him. Definitely worth a read. @deirdyweirdy




I am nominating Day Three of @denmarkguy's entrance into our midst: This is the story of a relationship I have never had - that is to say, a long term friendship. His wife and her "sister" have been together is close proximity for years and now this time is coming to an end as the sister gets married and moves away.
It's always so interesting to me to see how prompts are often a complete fit for a time in people's lives and this is one of those times.
Welcome, @denmarkguy. I hope you will be freewriting forever and ever. You are a natural with very interesting thoughts. @fitinfun




Parents make 'mistakes' it is natural and to be honest I doubt there is just one way you should follow to be a good parent. The only one who can tell you, one day, is your.kid.
@iamjadeline is sharing her life as a parent with us. Just like most parents she wants her kids well raised. It is hard to do so, since each child is different and no matter how hard you try a pressure too and moms are humans too. ' Control yourself', she said to her son. A sentence he wondered about (what do you mean?) and made her search for the answer, how, what, why (damned the boy is right,). @wakeupkitty



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Thank you @deirdyweirdy and @freewritehouse. It's encouraging to get tagged in favorites! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thank you @owasco for nominating my story! I'm so glad you liked it and I must say I'm quite surprised you saw some aspects I didn't even have in mind. The contrast between mindless TV and enjoying a night at the theater, with live action and people, it's something I never thought of but makes perfect sense to the story!

Happy to see @iamjadeline here. Great weekend to all

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