MASHED POTATO #1 "A Strange Message"

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Introducing the first instalment of the newest game brought to you by Freewrite House, for those members of the Over 20 Club:


This is the successor to the previous incarnation of "Hot Potato". In this version, Participants pass on to each other an ever lengthening list of writing prompts and/or accompanying stories. To get things started I will do both. The prompt for this first instalment is: MASHED POTATO

He gazes at the letter in his hand, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. It had been left on his front porch, in a plain white envelope, and he'd actually stepped on it as he ventured out for the morning paper.

It looks like some sort of an advertisement. At the top is a strange drawing of a pin up model made of some kind of strange glop or something. Mashed potato? When you receive a bowl of mashed potatoes you must add a "potato" prompt of your own.

With a grunt of disgust he crumples the paper into a ball and tosses it into the nearby trash can. A chain letter! What kind of fool goes along with that sort of nonsense? Picking up his newspaper, he stumbles back inside, and promptly forgets about the whole thing.

It isn't until about a week later that she enters into his life…

Writing and images by Greg McCann, the author of this post and owner of this Steemit Channel. To view more of my work, please visit


Love the graphics!!!

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