5 Min Writing Prompt "Pillow" #Freewrite

in #freewrite6 years ago

His hand is like a giant soft pillow cradling her head. Slowly she opens her eyes and looks up into his face.

He is gazing down at her with such warmth and concern for her well being, that the fact that he has the features of a giant wood ape doesn't even startle her at all. After a second or two she starts to sit up. He keeps his hand on her shoulder as she gets her bearings.

After shaking her head a few times, Janis cranes her neck and looks up, to the top of the cliff about thirty metres above - the place from where she'd fallen. And now she remembers the feeling of rushing air around her, and spinning over to look down, only to see a giant sasquatch below her with his arms held out...

Shouts ring out through the trees. Her friends are searching for her, getting closer. The Bigfoot creature gently pulls away, and slips off silently into the forest.

She never even got to say thank you...

Written in five minutes from the writing prompt, "Flash" as part of the #freewrite exercise. You can view the prompt here and check out the other entries, a veritable forest of would be rescuers from any lack of culture you may be experiencing. Thanks to @mariannewest for reaching out and catching these stories so as to not be dashed apart on the forest floor...

Image is also by me, and is available as a pillow print as shown above, or other printed stuff here.

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