Day 517: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: hammer

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To be a doctor, we need to study and pass exam and get certified...

To be a teacher, we also need to study and pass exam and get certified...

But to be a parent, there are lots of books sharing experiences and telling us parenting skills and stuff... But we don't have to pass exam and get certified... Certified or not, we will still be a parents if we have child(ren)...

There is no handbook or manual or guide to our own children... We never really know what's in the little head of this little ones...

How to be a good parent?

How to communicate effectively with our little ones?

Are we really giving the best to our little ones?

Many many of these questions, I believe are hammering many parents... Or at least it hit me...

All parents (I believe) would want to give the best to our little ones... But what is the BEST? Is our "the best" same as our little ones' "the best"?

Dear parents, are we doing our best but in the eyes of our little ones, we didn't do the best in their ways? Just like how we see them... They are not doing their best in our ways...

I guess this is something I need to learn. I will have to slow down and squat down and see the world through their eyes... Ask and listen to what they have to say...

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Often times parents tend to try to be the super humans for their little ones, and often times it painted an unusual mind for the kids.

I know parents will always try their best, even though it may not be perfect, and often times misunderstood that they are unbreakable, but as long as we keep becoming an example with our actions, we can only pray and hope that they can see the good / bad sides and learn from it; to amplify the good and to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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Agreed. We really need to lead by example...

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You are already a super great mum to me. 😍

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Thank you. ❤️😘

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