5 Minute Freewrite Day 586: Chapter

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The shiny green grass, the ducks happily quacking around in the pond, a soft breeze that carried the aroma of spring through the air and space, while the sun was a pleasant kind or bright, warm instead of hot. It was a perfect day, or as close to perfect as it could get, and he felt weird because of it.

His life hadn’t exactly been the easiest, not a tragedy but so full of mistakes and errors that the days were indeed of the unpleasant variety, but he struggled, because of an old dream and promise, so that he wouldn’t just fall to low and die while alive.

At some point, the struggle became automatic, and he did things without thinking, without time to think. At some point being good despite the bad beared fruit, and pleasant things started to happen, his life taking a new course. Now, in the most relaxing day he could remember, he truly felt like starting a new chapter in his life, and in celebration took another bite of his sandwitch, while looking at Donovan the Duck and explaining again why bread wasn’t good for him.

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Sometimes new chapters are choices. Sometimes they are forced upon us. I am so glad that the man in your story is able to celebrate his new chapter.

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