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Other than having the measles, I don’t remember being ill much as a kid. My father wasn’t a believer in sickness and never got tired of quoting the line from an old Billy Wilder film called One Two Three, starring James Cagney; ‘sick or not sick, everyone works today’
By the age of 6, I already had three prizes under my belt for perfect school attendance.

Then, when he was 11 my brother, 5 years my senior, graduated to secondary school where he was mercilessly bullied, and deciding it wasn’t for him, he took to mitching and bringing me with him.

He could copy my mother's handwriting perfectly and wrote sick notes for me, but was scared to do the same for his own teachers lest they recognise his scrawl.

We were latch-key kids, so we were able to intercept any correspondence from school and chuck it down the rubbish chute, and since we had no phones in the late 60s and my parents were at work when the school attendance officer called, it was quite a considerable time before we were caught.

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My mother was NOT tolerant of sick kids wanting to stay home from school either @deirdyweidy ... even when the thermometer in my mouth read 108 degrees one morning.

It was Winter time...the radiator was nice and hot in the house...Mother somehow KNEW what I had sneaked and done...

Ha,ha, ha, you were a sneaky one for sure. You would have been a real asset to our mitching expeditions.

lol! @deirdyweirdy is back!

My mother was a teacher in the school I attended so I could not get away with the smallest infraction. But my cousin Peter never attended a single gym class for an entire year (he hated gym) and got good grades in the class anyway. He lived that entire year in fear he would be caught.

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Crikey, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have mom teaching at your school. I'd have taken some truanting lessons from cousin Petie for sure.
Thanks for the prompt drop!

I just reread your freewrite and it reminded me that I got so sick of having to sign my third child's every graded piece of school work that I gave her a stamper of my signature for her to keep in her backpack and just stamp her own! I guess I'm getting my defy-authority groove on a little later in life.

Hahaha, brilliant!

It took us some considerable time to get caught too.

I really love the way you write so visually. I can see the scenes play out in my head .

Why thank you kindly m'dear. All sweet comments are wrapped in gossamer and delicately preserved for emergencies.

Latch key kids had the most fun!

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Ya got that one right! Every day was party day in our house.

Ya got that one right!
Every day was party
Day in our house.

                 - deirdyweirdy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I feel bad for your brother but I bet you had fun. Were you punished when you got caught?

We got into some mischief to be sure! No, we weren't punished. We were never, ever punished for anything.
I thought you might like this guy's stuff. It's right up your street and his photos are amazing.

That is cray that you were never punished for anything.
Thanks for sending me the link. I will definitely check out his stuff.
You can check this out too. I am trying to get people to use their imaginations. Go show them how it is done partner and you will get 1-SBI. : )

Crikey, how did I miss that post? I must be nodding off in front of the screen.;) I shall get to it quick-smart!

HaHa! Crikey?!?! Love it. : )

Wow deirdyweirdy, your brother corrupted you! So Mitching means skipping school?