Weekend Freewrite 6/9/2018- Single Prompt Option: bones

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I watched a really fun Science Fiction "B" movie from 1959 last week and when I saw this prompt it was the first thing that came to my mind and I literally laughed out loud all over again. I'm not sure if the movie was considered scary when it was released or not, but it is definitely a comedy today and it is or should be considered a classic. There were two primary alien teenage boy characters in the movie, one was confused, rebellious against totalitarian authority, and he was somewhat empathetic toward the earth creatures. But the other teenage boy was a psychopathic killer that obeyed orders from his superiors and seemed to yearn to be the person that was in authority.

The reason that seeing the prompt "bones" reminded me of this movie again was because the aliens possessed a disintegrator style ray gun that dissolved all of the flesh off of a body leaving only the bones behind. The first victim of the psychopath's ray gun was a small dog that we would find out later belonged to the stories heroine, a normal earthling teenage girl. The poor little dog got reduced to a pile of perfectly aligned bones so that no one could mistake what kind of animal they had once belonged to. Besides the hokey props, and the aliens that looked like Americans, sounded like Americans and spoke perfect American English which was funny enough in itself, the really funny parts were yet to come.

Apparently, the props department was only able to come up with one set of human bones, borrowed from some university science lab no doubt. So every human that got disintegrated was turned into this same set of bones, which were all still bolted together and they even retained the eyebolt in the top of the skull so that they could be hung up for class study. I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks, it was great fun! I won't spoil the rest of the movie by giving away all of the silly missteps that I saw, so if you get bored one night and need some laughs you'll just have to find and watch it for yourself.

I will say that I liked the idea for the story very much and I would love to see a modern remake of this movie with a good script and a decent budget. I think it has the potential for both comedy, Mar's Attacks style, or for a very serious teenage thriller type end of the world disaster movie. So look this one up, pop you some popcorn and then hang on to your funny bone if you don't want your giggle box turned over.

**Disclaimer: I often use the freewrite prompt to tell a story instead of doing a pure freewrite, so they sometimes take longer than 5 minutes and usually have some editing. But I try to do my story straight through at one sitting without any unnecessary breaks.

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Prompt: bones

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Ha ha good stuff man, pretty sure I seen that on either Elvira or Madd Frank

I think that I found it on the "Classic Movies" channel on Youtube, I should have looked it up and posted a link.

Yes, here it is: (


Those old movies are great, I agree :)

I have to be in the right mood for the old movies, but sometimes they are just what you need to take you back a few years and make you feel better. 🙂

I think I am going to tell my husband about it. He loves movies like that!!
I love seeing caterpillars in my yard!! No, not the huge machines - my little dudes like to watch those 😉 Hope you are having some writing fun today and I am so happy that you are part of the Freewriters!!!

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My friend and I LOVE to watch B-Rate movies while on the phone with each other. Those low budget effects always make for great laughs. I'll be adding this to our must watch list. Thanks, Lee!

Haha, good for you! I remembered where I found it and posted a link to the movie on Youtube, there are others on that channel also.