Prompt of the day “Departure” - Slow Down This Ain’t The Big City

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Life on Vancouver Island is a little bit slower than elsewhere but is it only because of the ferry required to get here?

I have lived on this island my entire life. I have been to the main land but never outside of Canada. Been across Canada once which only further reinforces the feeling that Island life is expected to run on its own time.

I lived on Saltspring Island for awhile, even smaller yet. This is where the concept of Island life became apparent to me. All of the long standing locals use the excuse “sorry island time” when they are late for anything.

The reasons I have come up with relate to the ferries which control the flow of people on and off the island being the only possible route. Sure you can take a plane but if you wish to get around efficiently on Vancouver Island you will need a car.

So you catch your ferry heading to Vancouver Island, departure at 9am arrival at 12pm. Ya it’s seriously a 2-3 hour ferry ride, by the time you get there either your relaxed or impatient. Same with everyone else, the middle ground of normal composure seems to disappear.

When landing here you will feel it, the only people here are the lethargic island timers and the impatient city rushers.

The odd part is because of the island timers the city rushers are essentially that much more predominant. They stand out like sore thumbs with island timers constantly intentionally slowing down the flow of traffic, blocking lanes and such.

You can identify them usually by the stickers plastered on the bumper of their car, “slow down this ain’t the big city”.

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Man that's a long ferry ride, I hope it's a beautiful place to visit. 🤞

🚨🔨🔨🔨 It's hammer time🔨🔨🔨🚨

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It is a great place to visit so many beautiful things to see 😎

Thanks for the delivery brother 💪

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Dunka 🙌

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well write.

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Dunka 👍

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Love this


Thanks bro 🙌

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