"Live. Love. Smash." - Day 481: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: sound of sirens

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What kind of people live for a Demolition Derby?

Rude barbarians and helmeted gladiators, Huns and Vikings were only yesterday on the scale of human history, so the urge to slash and burn boiled strong in the gene pool. The controlled violence of football and hockey served as some kind of safety valve, but the Demolition Derby filled a void like no other. While preachers and teachers urged a life of nonviolence and civilized conduct, rednecks and brutes might need a million years to internalize it. You could take the man out of the fight, but you couldn't take the fight out of man. Or woman.


"Live. Love. Laugh. Smash."

source: Jackson Forderer, Mankato Free Press

She hadn't planned to start playing crash-cars

with her son again, but then, she hadn't planned to have the sound of sirens transmogrify her life. One minute her husband was off on a mission to get Rocko more pig's ears, code for I'ma gonna go flirt with the blonde at Register Six, and the next minute he was dead. Part of her died with him. Until Jack pulled a fast one on her. Only say the word and I shall be healed. Their son, like Jesus saying "Lazarus, come forth," had said "Derby," Winter Slam Demolition Derby, to be precise, and she was transfigured.

They weren't here for the money.

Gunning their engines, unleashing a deafening noise that drowned out the roar of the crowd, they lived for a blood sport of gasoline, oil, and metal. It drowned out the sound of sirens, the horrid strains of "Amazing Grace" and the fumes of funeral flowers.

Sarah Savage rose from the dead,

raised old cars from the dead, at least long enough to give them one last ride to hell, and it was good.

Until Jack texted her Mom there's someone I've been wanting you to meet.

Her. He wanted her to meet someone, and it was a her. This was promising. Sarah pocketed her phone and watched as two figures skate-walked toward her through the snow and ice that would never stop a northerner or a Derby goer.

What the--


The little blonde from Register Six!

Day 481: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: sound of sirens

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I loved the living, laughing and smashing!

Seriously though, a really nice flash fiction. I like the narration style and the way you weave the twist in at the end.

The son gets the girl... that the sleazy dad used to try and hit on. A real valentine's tale of redemption 😉

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this 🙂

Aw, I love you @raj808!! Thanks for reading this.
And I forgot to mention it was a Part 3--oh the details I perpetually forget.
Now to see what you've been writing these days...

Ha ha, part 3 ehhh. If I can drag myself away from this Murakami book I'm reading, I'll go check out part 1 & 2 as I'd love to get the full effect 🙂

I did a series using the freewrite prompts once, maybe I'll join in again soon 🙂

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I love you made live-love-laugh-smash sound poetic: Living-Laughing-Smashing!
No need to read the first two stories. This isn't a "Three Prompts, One Story" weekend freewrite. And I like to think any of the three stories can stand alone. But I find these characters taking root in my mind and shoving aside Leif O'Leary, the token Irishman on the space ship, and The Beacon man, and... yeah. This is the beauty of the daily freewrite. After a year of it, I'm starting to notice that a lot of my characters are really like the same person with a different name and location--variations on a theme. If I anthologize these, I might have to do some clean-up in Aisle Three!

There are just TOO MANY GOOD MEMES I'd steal if not for [source] issues! And, um, yeah, they'd clog the narrative.

What a fun read! And you really brought it home with the last line 😂

HaHa! That last line was perfect and so was this story. Love it! : )

Thank you @mariannewest and @whatisnew!
I'm fascinated by how much people trust the protagonist's POV (point of view). "Unreliable narrator" is one of my favorite literary devices. I'm also amazed at how many readers (years ago in fiction workshop, reading my novel Ironwolf) would imagine that the surly, judgmental father was speaking for me the author. "I'm very uncomfortable inside his head," one reader said. LOL!

She has great eyes👀

🔮Today's prompt delivered by Uncle Bruni🧙‍♂️


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