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RE: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade. When Life Gives You Black Mold, Get the Hell Out!

in #freewrite4 years ago

The health side effects are the only part that really scared me for quite a while. The "stuff" wasn't as important as our health. Especially since Abyni was only 6 months old when we moved in there and lived there for a year! I was terrified any time she got sick for years. We're so so SO fortunate that we've always all been so healthy.


I feel you. We always worry about our kids - well, I do. And the idea that we expose them to danger... If I read it right, you got out right before you signed the contract?
And yes, you need to write more about your bus adventure!!

Yes, we literally got out the day before we were to sign it! It was another one of those things that in hindsight was just miraculous timing.

Now that I've found the old binder of photos and journals, I will definitely write more. If nothing else, I want to have the memories written somewhere a little more permanent for my kids!

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