Preparing my small talk seminar topics

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The small talk

Freewrite contest

The small talk seminar

The seminar talk

I was ask to give a brief talk about “youthful investment that gave me”, and this talk on this seminar will give me chance to introduce cryptocurrency to my fellow youth at that seminar organized for youth.
My thought was how would I talk on the subtopics and also bring in my talk about cryptocurrencies.

This is question came to my thought.
Must I keep to the talk time which about 40 minutes.
How will I arrange the subtalk and allocates appropriate time the subtalk inorder to bring in my talk and to spend enough time on my own personal talk “cryptocurrencies as a good investment for youth”
Will I make it
My time is up oh no see you next time.
Thanks for this writing challenge

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Time is up fast - when we give a talk and when we write. Glad you joined the freewriters!

I can tell you are having so much fun writing this. Hope you have a great time at your talk.


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