5-minute We-write: Prompt- Basics

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“So, just give me the basics,” she barked at him.


“Man up soldier!” she yelled at his face. A little spittle flew between her yellowed teeth along with a piece of broccoli, both landing firmly on his glasses.

His fevered brain couldn’t make heads or tails of what he’d just seen, and he certainly couldn’t wrap his head around why she called him soldier. They were both tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower on the same day. He had never met this gigantic woman before in his life. He regretted being the only English speaking person here.

He swiped his glasses off with the cuff of his sleeve, leaving streaks behind.

“Well, what do you think it was? What was that big boom just now!?”

“It looked--” he began not wanting to believe his own eyes. But as he tried to finish his sentence, a large shadow covered the clear blue sky. They both turned to look towards the heavens. His knees trembled as his worst fears were coming to life.

“Take cover!”

Ashes rising from a distance quickly inching in and covering the bright morning sun as horrific screams accompanied what seemed to be multitudes running towards them from different directions.

It was Monday morning.

“Run, fool, run!” screamed the gigantic woman as she dragged his sleeve and started running. She pulled him so strong he almost fell and dropped his glasses.

There it was again, another blast from the opposite direction. Cars were seen honking and banging into people, some were trying to avoid hitting anything in sight and ended up on the pavements.

Just a week before that,...

“Papa, can you please don't go? Mia no feel good. Mia scared. Mia saw big black clouds in the sky, and a tower was going to fall... Boom!”

Those words passed his thoughts faster than the speed of light.

What is happening? Did Mia warn me about what was going to happen? What did she tell me again? I can't remember...

Another explosion.

This time, they were running towards it.

“Papa, don't go! Papa will get boom boom ouchie!” pointing at his head while he was busy reading an email on his phone. It was a confirmation for a business trip to Paris. He thought he'd go check out the Eiffel Tower and see what all that fuss is about.

He remembered that last piece of warning from his daughter as he collapsed to the ground, losing consciousness as his head bled profusely.


Thanks for the awesome we-write, @freedomtowrite! Lots of fun continuing the story.


art and flair courtesy of @PegasusPhysics




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Thank you for entering the We-Write!!

Eeekkk, thank you thank you thank you @freewritehouse!!! 😍😍😍

Oh wow! Poor guy...I didn't see that warning coming. I wonder if his daughter has some sort of intuition power??

Yea, apparently she does. I suppose children are always spiritually sensitive/intuitive so too bad this guy didn't listen to his daughter's warning.

Hey lookie there mama. Look at this piece compared to when you first started freewrite! Fantabulous!

Aww, thanks mama! You're one supportive reader! :) xx