'Habitat' (Poetry)

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It has been a long time since I wrote anything substantial for either Steemit or my blog: during December, I've felt disinclined to write (NaNoWriMo drained me of my creative powers, clearly 😉) and have instead been focusing on my off-screen life, which is no bad thing. Right now, I'm enjoying that calm, lazy post-Christmas feeling. 😌❤️ I want to start easing myself back into the @freewritehouse fold, with the aim of becoming a more regular contributor during 2019 (I already have an eye on the season of New Year's resolutions).

I hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas had a great day yesterday, and that all Freewriters in general are having a relaxing and restorative time. 😊

So. To turn my attention to @mariannewest's latest freewrite prompt, 'habitat' ... I have to admit that this word didn't exactly inspire a cheerful piece of writing.

My heart is a little heavy at the moment, knowing that a series of fox, hare and stag hunts will be taking place across rural Ireland today and tomorrow. I work in a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Co. Kildare – I wrote about what this experience has meant to me in a recent post – and I'm sure that when I next go in, it will be filled with the unfortunate, grievously injured casualties of these hunts. Despite widespread public opposition to the hunts, the Government refuses to ban them because such a move would anger a handful of wealthy and influential people.

The people who take part in these hunts are also well-known for engaging in violent and intimidatory behaviour towards those who try to stop them.

When I feel helpless and unable to change a single thing, all I can do is write.



After the festival of peace and goodwill
Through tracks smeared with the scent of fear
They come.

Snarls are the first thing you hear.

They come with jowls snapping, menace in their eyes,
Responding to voices overhead:
The hoots, the hollers,
The promise of doom cutting the frozen air.


We are having a lazy after eating too much day as well :)

I am sorry that the hunts are still going on. It seems like such a pointless thing to do - but long traditions are hard to break - especially if it is a rich people tradition.

I'm just starting to recover from the overeating situation myself. Just about! 😂 I hope you and yours are well, Marianne.
I hate the fact that the hunts still happen. Defenceless wild animals are torn to shreds for no other reason apart from the hunters thinking that it's great fun ... and I will never, ever understand it. 💔

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Good to have you back! You have been missed ♡

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Thank you @tezmel - it's great to be back. 😊

So sad, can't they just hunt ugly distructive animals, like wild pigs. I want to see more of you here my friend. 💕

Oh I know, it makes me so angry that this goes on, so angry. Thank you for this heart breaking poem xx

I completely understand that anger, Aishlinn. It all makes me feel so helpless!

Write on. Writers find survival through writing. Nice post!

@aislingcronin, great piece of work, but made my mind go down with depression. Really it is very, very unfortunate thing to happen. And fantastic poetry work as well!

I'm sorry it upset you! 😕 The subject is upsetting, for sure ... but I had to write. I had to express what I was feeling in that moment. ❤