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NEW LAWS (5-minute Freewrite)

a 5-minute Freewrite by A.E. Jackson

NEW LAWS - a 5-minute Freewrite by A.E. Jackson
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The boy closed his eyes. His head tilted back. Light blonde hair spilled away from his forehead. His pale white skin reflected the candle light hanging above the table.

Next to his small spoon sat a single burner hot plate. Atop this rested a small metal pot half filled with water. Cracked egg shell lay submerged in the still too hot to touch water.

His lips parted. Tentative teeth nibbled at the bright white flesh of the hard boiled egg. A small piece broke free and tumbled back over his dry tongue. Eating this way, the boy looked like a penitent man taking Holy Communion.

He thought the new law prohibiting the consumption of avian products to be foolish. And Gertie had laid her first egg at long last.

There was a hard knock at the small bedroom door.


© 2019, A.E. Jackson. All rights reserved.

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Oooh that's good! I love your descriptions. I love the ending!

Posted using Partiko Android

Good story. Is this actually a law where you are? If so, I don't understand it either! I hope whoever was knocking on the door wanted a bite of the egg and not to arrest the boy.

Posted using Partiko Android

They were definitely arresting the boy. I less of course they were I stead taking him to a detention center for people who eat eggs!

Is there really such a law? Prohibiting the consumption of avian products?

Thank you for freewriting with us! Here's the prompt:- Day 441: 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday - Prompt: list.

Thanks again! With love and hugs.


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Nice work A.E. 👍👍

This leaves me with thoughts of bird flu...