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CROSS-EYED (5-minute Freewrite)

a 5-minute Freewrite by A.E. Jackson

CROSS-EYED - a 5-minute Freewrite by A.E. Jackson
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The Bearded Lady was cross-eyed, and Tiny knew that if he stopped by her tent on the way to the elephants he could get a piece of chocolate. He had always loved the way a small square of chocolate melted away.

"Liz Beth? Liz Beth. You around?" Tiny asked. He peered around both sides of the tent. It was rude to open a person's tent flaps without asking. And he had been scolded for that in the past.

"Come in Tiny. I figured I would see you some time tonight." Elizabeth Correll said. Her deep southern-belle accent drifted from within the tent and came to rest on his heart.

She lifted a small broken chunk of chocolate to Tiny's open hand, and smiled. He placed it in his mouth and waited. A thick cream formed on his hot tongue. He swallowed and the glob slid down his throat, and into his growling stomach.


© 2018, A.E. Jackson. All rights reserved.

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