Sounds interesting, could you maybe do a follow up post on what your earning are/earning potential etc

I'm always keen on getting into cool projects but I need to see the cost vs time benefit vs what I could get for support another project

Sure, thats sounds good... Will do one on Monday, thanx for the feedback :)

Upvoted and thanks so much for your time, support

OMG I am so bad if it comes to playing games. I noticed some people showed their cards they look great. I will have a closer look who knows I give you that Christmaspresent... battery is low I need to recharge now and feed my wolves.

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Awesome, thanx for your support and for the follow... I really appreciate it :D
By wolves you mean dogs right? :)
It would be totally cool if you really have a wolf though :D
I have a pup almost big dog myself, he's a cross between a Siberian Husky and a German Shepard... His name is Jasper, I plan to do a post on how he has been growing up... should be awesome :)

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Hallo, das ist aber eine nette Idee, danke dafür.

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