I am confused, one can or it is not possible to give SBD Here

in freesteem •  2 years ago

Hello to all in the community in steemit, as he says the title I am confused, have a little time here, but I have seen that they punish to whom it gives SBD, for example this https://steemit.com/freesteem/@littlehelper/daily-free-sbd-steem-september-7
steemcleaners said that is spam, a few days @littlehelper send me free-sbd from other post, so -steem, What' wrong with his new post, tape-worm more of 80 assembled ones, we don't taking part in this type of post? Does anybody know?

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To be honest:

me also around here nearly 14 days - so I do not really have a clue...

SBD Giveaways are a nice thing from my point of view:

people with low Steempower can increase their Steem + Steempower - it is a win win for the author of the post as well as for the upvoters...

as far as I know that Steemcleaners issue on some of that posts considering being spam is because they are copy and paste stuff often and the cheetah or steemcleanerbot mentions that I guess...

but ask some old stagers about that... they might know...


Yes it´s great, in fact I follow you and upvote, so what´s wrong with the others?

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It is perfectly ok to give away sbd. I think that steemcleaners has an issue with this post looking the same as the other posts. you are not suppost post the same post again and again. I am sure they will straighten it out


Hi, It´s OK, but I think that there should be a human being with whom it could check that post reward it is not spam, just said.