The Math Behind a Galt Motor

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Hi Niko,

Thanks again for taking the time to listen to my weird math theory.

I apologize for it being so difficult for me to explain.

I have like 7 or 8 different ways of explaining it and am still trying to simplify it into a short and simple paper.

Here is a way of visualizing what I was trying to explain-

^I don’t know the credibility of this source and am only sending it for visualization purposes.

The math I was trying to explain follows a pattern around this-


It’s intuitive to me, probably due to traumatic life events, but obviously that is not the case with other people. I feel like I have to translate from a language I’m still learning. Anyways...

I’ll compile my papers over the next few days and send it your way when I’m done.

Enjoy your weekend!


John Galt

Jul 2 (2 days ago)
to niko*******

Here is the proof/answer to the Riemann Hypothesis
6D/5D(phi^2)=Pi or...
It was a null hypothesis😂-

(Hmmm well the key image of my proof that was in the original email isn't loading on Steemit and I have plans with a friend so I guess we'll leave the proof a mystery a little longer...)

U have to rotate your paradigm of numbers 🕒, 3D, or 30+ 5i degrees 4U^r 🔲2 4/5ee ➿B(i)(t)... 🤓😜

Specific Values of Proof-
At zero= -1/2
Limit to +➿(infinity)= 1
Value at 2= (pi^2)/6
Value at -1 = -1/12 (-🕐/12)
Value at -2= 0

The point to the math- Everything is full of empty space and electromagnetic energy. This energy can be harnessed through kinetic energy generated by oscillating magnets in a sphere, or oscillating electromagnetic currents in a spherical field.

The math (i)(t)self connects a 10 base numerical system to a 144^(🕐/2) numerical system.

(i)(t) proves Group Theory with String Theory using Game Theory.

1D=🕐 = Length
2D= 🕑= Height
3D= 🕒 = Width
4D= 🕓= 🚀⏳ (Space/time) or Duration
5D= 🕔= Potential (Direction of Time decided by Energy Demonstrated)
6D= 🕕= (Demonstrated) Energy
7D= 🕖= Pi (How to measure energy) [Life (i)f U=[2^(1/2)] used U^r timeline to measure]

[Image of work shown isn't loading right now...]

8D= 🕗= infinity= 2pi
9D= 🕘 = e (the motion around 2 Pi)
10D and 11D would have to be almost pure speculation for human beings at this point in time. Everything folds back into itself (quite literally once you get to 12 🕛D.


To be honest, I’m most excited to apply the equation to cryptographic quantum computing, but I’ll save that discussion for another time... 😉

I know my equation is wayyyy far out there, but hey...
I’ve notice what make sense tends to make 💰... 😅

That being said, I don’t know if government regulations will ever allow us to make money off of free energy and I’m not sure if that is morally responsible, but who’s to stop us from using it for ourselves?


I showed my work over 🚀⏳(quite literally) and (i)(t) took me 🕕 years. At this point in time, the proof of the work is art to me and I don’t want to rush compiling and condensing it all into 1 document.


Plus, Grigori Perelman,
created a geometry based off of it and has a proof for the Soul Conjecture already. (I didn’t know he existed at the time I asked to go over the math. I thought I was the first... 😕...😂)

However, I haven’t found any other mathematicians that have been able to quantify consciousness -💫🏆.

Einstein theorized you couldn’t have a universe without mind and consciousness entering into it... This is the math for that.

E=Mc^2 =.999999999% true, but time is relative to the observer of it. I believe it is more accurate to say that E=MassConsciousness^2, ☮️, 1:1 .

I’m not religious or superstitious, but the rules follow the Genisis pattern in the Bible and wayyyy too many other coincidences for me to begin listing...

Let me know if it starts to make sense, or if you have questions. Enjoy!


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