Things Don't Always Go As Planned

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Alas Tribe, I Barely Knew Thee

I had only recently joined @FreedomTribe with a small delegation of 10 SP that I could easily afford, and then this:

Screenshot of the fateful post.

Today it was announced that the minimum delegation to join the tribe had been raised to 50 SP. While I had planned to increase my delegation over time, I can not currently do so.

It was stated in the post that there is help avilable for small accounts.

members can sponsor smaller accounts by requesting that some or all of their SP delegation be allocated to an account that they want to sponsor. Smaller accounts can also request a sponsored membership based on a content review by the potential sponsor.

However , I am not that well known and won't be requesting a sponsorship. Instead, I will stay the course.

My Current Plans for my @FreedomTribe Delegation

For the time being I plan on maintaining my small delegation to @FreedomTribe and increasing it to 50 SP when I can afford it. This is what I planned to do anyway, and the 10 SP wouldn't be of much help to me if I took it back. However, @FreedomTribe can put it to better use than I can.

I am grateful for the votes I received as a tribe member and I will enjoy them again when I can afford to increase my delegation.

My Plan of Action

My current plan of action on Steem is centered on connecting with new people and joining groups that I feel align with my intersts and goals. This is key in my future income and in that all too illusive vision of freedom I see for myself.


I will not power down any SP as I plan on using this for delegations. I am currently trying to make the leap from #redfish to minnow, but I won't be seeing any increased voting power in the near future. I plan on delegating the next several hundread SP I earn to projects and communities I want to participate in. For the near future I will keep my personal SP at just above 50. After a few more delegations I may increase that to 100. My total SP is 174.14. Currently I am sitting at 55.87 undelegated SP.
I have 118.28 SP delegated as follows:


67.9% of my total SP is delegated.

Plans For My Liquid Assets (Steem nad SBD)

Most longtime Steemians advise those with smaller accounts to power up all their liquid Steem in order to grow their accounts faster. For now, I will be taking a different course of action. Firstly, I will periodically transfer a small amount to my bitpay card to establish a fund to be used as I see fit. I occasionally buy something with my bitpay card and take a pic to post on FB just so I can ask my followers if FB ever bought them anything and then tell them that Steem just bought me this.

The remainder of my liquid funds will be used to purchase vote shares. There are a few different varieties of these and while I am not sure that taking this route will speed up the growth of my account, I am sure that my long term income will be greatly improved.

Tell Me What You Think

If you have any thoughts or questions about what you see here, please let me know in the comments. I am always looking for more communities to be a part of, feel free list your favorites. I will be having a contest before purchasing each new SBI share to determine who I will add as my beneficiary, but I have no Idea what kind. I'd appreciate your suggestions.

If you like what you read here then please give it an upvote and a resteem. Follow @wdougwatson to keep up with my journey to freedom.

Until next time, Keep Steeming!

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

**I am grateful for the votes I recieved as a tribe member and I will enjoy them again when I can afford to increase my delegation.
It should be received instead of recieved.


Thanks bot.

You just stumble the redfish

You won't stop enjoying them. The minimum applies to new members.