Spread The Love Curation #36 - Celebrating Truth, Life, Freedom, Love & Happiness

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Our goal at @freedomtribe is to support passionate content creators who are doing what they love! We promote life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness in all forms. Our only rule beyond that is no hatred or abuse towards anyone. In these curation reports, we will be showcasing posts that we are voting on from both members and non-members.

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Today's post's will highlight one post from each of the following categories:

Life | Freedom | Truth | Love | Happiness



Sponsor a Venezuelan Child


What can be more LIFE affirming that those who 'have' creating connection and opportunity for those who don't? @biankalopz writes from @littledisciples inviting us to get personally involved with the lives of young people in economically-socially-devastated Venezuela. In the end, what is Life really if we don't support and affirm the life of others?



Ancient Indian Ritual To get Rid Of Negative Energy


Freedom from negative energy? Let there be more of this practical type of freedom!! @vibesforlife shares an ancient Indian ritual to free and cleanse negative energy from your life-space-home.



Conspiracy Theory Turns Fact - Many Elites Have Been Raping & Enslaving Children For DecadesSTL8.png

The difference between 'outrageous' conspiracy theories and 'fact'? Very, very often it is only time and the courage of the media allowing-enabling things to be published. Are our most vocal conspiracy theorists actually our most accurate contemporary prophets? @drutter presents some powerful thought starters that anyone interested in 'truth' needs to consider.



Your Relationship Is Not A Community Project


Making your love a community project? Darn. Social media feeds on this stuff. @greatness96 asks a powerful question: "if you didn't like your partner at the beginning of the relationship, yet you made him or her a community project for everyone to contribute to, what will you do when you find out they have changed, or you have fallen in love with them and don't want to lose them, but you have already exposed them to the public?" Thought provoking stuff about love, privacy and relationships as community "fix it" projects.



My Path of Peace & Happiness


The simple happiness of revisiting a favourite place, over and over. @rem-steem walks amongst the fallen fire flowers in a favourite spot at Dhaka University, and share perhaps the greatest truth about happiness: this it is right there, at your feet, in the middle of your day to day if you take the time to see it.


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This post was crafted & curated by @artemislives
Writer, thinker, mama & universal traveler - creating Pure Thai Natural fair trade, sustainable, herbal products in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

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