Sponsor a Venezuelan child

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If I could tell their stories, I would write a book, if I could tell their jokes and occurrences, we would radio Rochela. He is Samuel ❤️ a great leader, he loves football and making others laugh 😋 because each child has something particular that makes him unique and that's the way 😋 his humor and charisma is unparalleled but above all what God wants to do to through him. .
He, like his companions, reminds me of what the Bible says 😋 that he who does not do as a child does not enter the kingdom of heaven 😊 ❤️. God through hope and we are working on that in the @littledisciples ❤️, that allow themselves to dream and accompany them in those purposes that God has for them.

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Thank you very much but I have little Internet where I live and almost does not allow me to do the post 😣

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Thanks Friends

Why is he posed like some sort of sexy model. Cringe.

He is a very charismatic child is his way of reflecting how happy he is for that day @whatsup

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OK thank you very much

@BiankaLopz Great job with all the children both You + Daniel are helping by teaching, training, developing their learning disciplines and of course, feeding them both spiritually + physically.

GOD Bless the Children !!

Amen 🥳

You're welcome @biankalopz

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