Only 2 days left to ENTER The TRUTH Challenge - 60 Steem in Prizes

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@FreedomTribe's TRUTH Challenge closes midnight US West Coast time Sunday 21st July.

Haven't entered yet?

@FreedomTribe HAD 40 steem in prizes on offer for this exciting
new steem challenge!
But a generous and unexpected 20 steem prize donation from @nainaztengra meant BIGGER & MORE PRIZES. WOW. and Wooo Hooo.
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Total Prize Pool is now 60 steem.

The question to answer in your entry post is simple:

Tell us about a powerful truth, or a terrible lie.

Art, poetry, video and out-of-the-box answers encouraged.

You may enter as many times as you like!

First Prize: Was 20 Steem - NOW 25 Steem
Second Prize: Was 10 Steem - NOW 15 steem
Third Prize: x 2 prizes of 5 Steem each

PLUS we have 5 NEW-EXTRA Honourable Mention Prizes of 2 steem each!!!

Some simple Rules:

Resteem this Challenge Post
Be sure to add the url for your entry in the comments of the Original Challenge Post or this Challenge Update post
Please comment at least - and upvote if possible - the other contest entries (which will be easy to find by just checking in with the original challenge post, which will be neatly in your feed) :)

Get your entry posted by midnight US west coast time on
SUNDAY 21st July, 2019

All contest entries will receive a juicy upvote from @freedomtribe
Entries will be judged and prizes awarded by @richardcrill with some help from @freedomtribe Chief Council members.

Our goal at @freedomtribe is to support passionate content creators who are doing what they love! We promote life, freedom, truth, love, and happiness in all forms. Our only rule beyond that is no hatred or abuse towards anyone.

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Hey @freedomtribe! Here's my last post. Like all my posts, I try to convey tremendous truths that are going to change our world, in the hope that being aware of what's coming will enable you to better prepare and profit from it.

This is my first acquaintance with ya'll, but I hope it's just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Thanks for your entry - Good luck!

Well folks, over here my entry for this challenge. :)

I hope it may be a pretty spicy and juicy bite for your sybaritic tastes. Enjoy!!

Cheers!! :)

Thanks for your entry - Good Luck!

Well here is my entry below, I don't have any recent posts that fit the bill so hopefully an older post can still qualify as I really delved into an important and much suppressed truth in this post:

Fun contest btw - thanks for putting it together; I would have written a new post just for this contest, but only saw your post announcing the deadline yesterday, and I've been so busy, so the above post shall have to do - enjoy the read...

Thanks for your entry - Good Luck!

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is the contest just for those in the tribe?

Not at all.... please join us!! :) You still have time. :)

Great theme!

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Nice contest, I'm just a bit late.

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