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We asked, you answered, we merged! Thanks to everyone who left their valuable feedback on our recent poll about whether or not we should switch from flags to downvotes. Since the overwhelming response was “Yes” we have already rolled out that change, as you can clearly see! We’ve also merged a number of other community contributions, as well as a few bug fixes.

Community Contributions

Bug Fixes

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll and thanks to the developers who submitted contributions. Thanks again to @blockchainstudio who is clearly the MVP when it comes to community contributions! Don’t forget to subscribe to @steemitblog for more updates on what Steemit is up to!

The Steemit Team


I am impressed of how fast you suddenly are able to get things done. What changed?
Thank you for those great (community) implementations and fixes.

Great job guys and amazing turnaround.

I also love the new way you are displaying important posts.

Yes, this had to be done a year ago, slowly but at least they're working on it. They could have every week a poll or something like that to bring at least one fix-update everyweek.

Maybe they will! Let's give them credit when it is due.

46,864 SP with 100% power.... Yeah great job..... lol

Yeah... Well it's a drop in the bucket compared to their other accounts.

lol great.... so they are doing nothing to distribute the steem currency?

They delegate to many projects that give out upvotes.

They sell! :)

I wouldn't say "nothing".

lol, Also a good feature for this downvote thing would be for the authors not to show up anymore on my account after I downvote them.

I wonder if all the people worshiping this moronic "change" are true believers or just bots?

There is a good way to get rid of "featured posts" - it's known as don't look at Steemit...

I am totally a robot. Thank you for noticing.

In addition, I always support everything steemit, inc does..... just ask them.

I see from your rep you like to trigger reactions and that often you get one.


I KNEW you were a bot.
In fact, I've said so to you many times on Discord!

One day I said something that offended he who cannot be mentioned and in 5 mins my account was over and out - flagging maintains someones "standards" I'm sure...

Visibility of the icons is poor in day mode. They need to be thicker and/or darker.

That's what she said.

Can you add a lovevote button just for me @ steemitblog?

We’ve talked about the idea of adding reactions in the past. With hivemind, now that could be a possibility at some point.

Fantastic! But can you move the downvote button to the right side of the payout amount? Makes more sense visually, and is harder to accidentally downvote.

Especially on mobile (accidentally down-voting)

For me it's not the downvote, I wanna see that new update of SMT and MIRA! Anyway good job!


When most people run a poll, they run it for more than 23 hours. So even if the majority did not want it this still would likely have gone through, and the change made.

Also since it was such a simple fix, perhaps moving the downvote arrow to the other side of the pending payout would be a simple thing to accomplish.I know there is a pop up box, I know it is impossible to downvote accidentally, (you have to click twice, first the arrow then the submit button), still it would look more balanced to have it on the other side of the pending payout.

THIS! Move it to the other side.

I believe it was 47 hours, but, support in favor of this was overwhelming as expected. It’s not the first time this topic has come up.

"support in favor of this was overwhelming as expected"
As expected, or as designed?
Support was manufactured. Anyone with any brain can see that, and it's recorded forever on the 'chain. Shame on those responsible for this nonsense.

Right .. i'm sure that Steemit Inc ran around bribing folks to respond to the poll so it would be an overwhelming response in favour of the change. get real

Read my comment again, it had nothing to do with bribes. Get real.

maybe you need to find a sense of humour if you're capable

So your response wasn't serious, then? Why'd you bother chiming in? We're having an actual conversation. Did it appear I was kidding around?

you're comments were silly enough you should have been kidding around. Steemit Inc is under no obligation to you or anyone else to even run a poll on changes they want to make to their site.

When they do choose to .. how long they run it is up them not you or anyone else.
Your implications that the support was created rather than actual response from the community is beyond silly.

BRIBES? Why was I not bribed? I didn't even KNOW about the poll. Alas, I guess that's because I don't count. How many MORE people didn't get a chance to vote because they also didn't know about the vote/receive a bribe?

I found out about the "poll" because of a steemian I follow had resteemed it.

Uh huh... but why was the poll not listed in the sidebar like all the other announcements of importance? And why was it done in 48 hours?

I have a suggestion for another poll: Put my icon back where it was so I need not scroll up each time to expose my icon so I can click it to see the drop-down list. Sure, real estate is valuable, but hiding an important and frequently-used button is just plain inconvenient and perhaps even frustrating for some who are confused about where that button went to and how to get it back.

I use that button constantly to check for new replies and it adds one more barrier to access when I need to scroll up before each time I want to use it.

Good point on having to scroll up if we want access to the header. What kind of useless idea is that? Just one more step, that has to be repeated dozens of times per day. Another upgrade that isn't really an upgrade.

yeah.... weird how that works... not everyone is going to learn about what is going on unless they go looking or follow the steemitblog ... following the steemitblog works really well assuming you look at it when it posts.

Well - spammers pay to send me stuff in a transfer, and if steem actually wanted my attention they could (and would) pay for it like they do.

Yeah a slight adding mistake on my part, 2 days does indeed equate to 48 hours, I know I have seen the topic come up several time in the past, and recently. It is mostly a GUI type fix, still to ask people and make them think they might have a real say in how the interface looks, is pretty disingenuous in my book, because this looks like it was a done deal before the polling post was even made.

I myself prefer the flag, my view was it is more of a warning by using a flag, but understand that the vast majority felt it should be a down arrow. I am glad that presidential elections are not made by polls, because they have almost always been wrong at the early stages of the polling.

People referred to it as a down vote and so an arrow it is. No real problem with that at all. I am not likely however to participate in any other polls by steemitblog because I now see them as worthless and meaningless.

Very nice. Love the animation on the upvote button.

Have the Steem, SBD, BTC & ETH prices been removed on the right hand side? All I see is pinned posts and an advertisement now.

let me test the downvote animation here...

Haha, go for it.

Toxic place, full of toxic people, circle jerking, pretending to agree, makes me want to vomit, you made a toxic system, where mediocrity is rewarded via so called networking, great work morons, enough of this place. Powering down to nil, you made a shit show, the price reflects it, all alt coins up, stincs shit down, any questions?

What the heck, who hurt you?

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 86% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

You have receive an upvote. Thanks for playing moonSTEEM

Did you have a nice day?

My life is superb, this place is toxic, and the wankerwolf, bernie, marky, and neds crew all prove it, I rest my case, hows Spain treating you bro?

I kind of agree. I just want to use this platform as a cool place to share photography, but the majority of people here just want to sit in little circles and discuss nothing but the platform itself.

And you can't share photography because of that? I do that on a daily basis. Why not start a conversation about something else yourself? Why does it bother you what other people are talking about? Where else can you be rewarded for photography like this? The internet is packed with great photography. Really great photographs are like tap water. Yet, you seem to be doing quite well for yourself.

Besides, everyone is a stakeholder here, so can you blame people for talking about the platform they own?

Spring is here :)

I'm still holding onto the sunshine but it could be the UK again in a few months, sadly. Need cash money though while things pick up again.

Oh dear, that would be the last place I would want to be with the current political correctness climate, needs must though, or look east bro, the weather is superb, and the ladies are very (not politically correct) yummy.

Well, at least all of you are yelling about nothing. Here in Latin America we are one step from hell. Believe me, Latin America is the last place you want to be right now.

Then come on over to the east, funds permitting of course, and yes, you are correct, steemit means zero to us.

Listen to him @abh12345 and the cost of living is much cheaper.....Go East young man, your calling awaits :-)

heh :)

I am tempted, and with a little more finance I likely would - perhaps in a year or two.

Yeah that made me laugh too :)

I've come to realize that Steemit is a perfect reflection of the American/Israeli flavour of the Anglo-Zionist System/Mindset.

The 1% of the1% of the 1% control everything and are a trillion times more over-powered than your everyday normal blogger/commenter.

They sell it as "freedom and democracy", well this is what American/Steemit freedom looks like:

We are the top-abusers, we behave like a maffia, we lie, we cheat, we steal, we make the law, but we are above the law and if you don't go with us we will downvote you so long as is necessary to remind you of the glory of the American/Steemit experiment.

That's why everybody has run away from this place. This place is run by Anglo-Zionist nazis with an Anglo-Zionist mindset and a socio-economic model copied from the American Dream or the Far West.

I wonder if Dan Larimer was the guy who devised all these things. If so, he either he is a deep state agent or his brain was so washed by the American bullshit that he was programmed to mimic the appalling American system.

Since almost all the world hates the Americans, or fears them, no wonder this is what Steemit has become:

Bingo! Ding ding ding!

You got it @pagandance

"Computer programmer Dan Larimer used to be a cog in America's military-industrial complex, working on defense projects, drones and unmanned vehicles for companies like Raytheon and Torc Robotics. "

I Repeat the most important part of the Forbes quote:

"Computer programmer Dan Larimer used to be a cog in America's military-industrial complex"

The faces we are allowed to see are just 'hired puppets'.

post by kawaiicrush downvoted by iflagtrash, made readable again by pagandance, thnx @kawaiicrush

Oh man, this is about the 5th time I've seen you say you are done and powering down.

It takes 13 bloody weeks, expect 7 more!

I got ya @epic-fail. Lol.


Ah, okay.

I've set the date on my calendar. :)

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

At least it is not months now hey?

it would be painful to do this for 104 weeks. Thank goodness we have made some changes. :) Just messing with you.

LOL no worries.

Testing my new downvote on Mrs. negative here, this was the first positive move I have seen from Steemit in months, and you still had to pooh pooh it

[Edit] The positioning of the upvote/downvote buttons seems too close. I think the downvote button could find its place in between the payout and no. of upvotes to avoid error due to parallax.

Do we still get a warning maybe though, who will try it first to see 😂

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You still get a downvote reason box, and you still need to click the submit button on it, so impossible to accidentally downvote using the steemit front end, I have no clue or idea if this change impacts the other front ends So since you use Partiko you may want to ask them or try it out on one of the steemit blogs, like the 2 day poll post.

Hahaha, it's better tried on @Steemitblog's blog

Congrats putting lipstick on a pig!

We took notice of that.

I put lipstick on a pig once... and it kissed me.

Congraaaaaaats @blockchainstudio ♥♩♬♬

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Good job! Hopefully the positioning of the downvote button right next to the upvote button will make people less shy about people exercising their right to engage in consensus allocation.

I appreciate update posts like this, showing that progress is being done.

Thank you for the communication. Lets keep it rolling.

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It's nice to see the community improvement work again.

#58 on coinmarketcap, and sinking.

Maybe that's what it's all about, those with big stakes in this anglo-zionist outlet want to go the figures lower, so they can buy some more and sell it later on to finance this fake psy-op.

You sure said some words. No sense to be found, but definitely some words were said.

Nobody asked for flags to be changed to downvotes. You decided to do that, pretended to ask the community for their opinion, didn't read the responses, shoved your plan through, and now you're pulling the "you asked for it and you got it" predictable follow-up.

Shady as fuck.

Watch out my friend!

Did you release a poll to have the perception of a community decision? Since you didn't seem to waste any time, it appears that you had the merge ready and wanted the appearance of community support behind it.

Agreed. "Yes" was the only outcome all along.

We certainly expected the community to vote yes on this, but thought it would be a good idea to ask. The possibility existed that it could have been a ‘no’. As far as the work involved, feel free to check out github - this is an open source project after all 🙂

Is @elipowell still employed as the managing director of and if so, what exactly is she doing or planning on doing for

Some time ago it was relatively strange to see "Flags" for reasons other than violation of community norms... Now with this change, ridiculous in my opinion, not only have the rules changed from "Flag only to what violates the rules", to "Flag to everything I don't like because of X or Y"... Also, with this you have just made Steemit an even more toxic place, where envy and censorship will probably end up reigning.

Of course, let's remember that you have taken this out of your sleeve... Well, I very much doubt that they have done a survey "valid enough" to consider making just this change. Correct me if I am wrong.

Well done update!
Thanks for this...

Glad to see steemit implement problems the community is asking for! Can't wait to see when this isn't in beta anymore!

Many problems have been implemented since HF20, and even earlier, but now they seem to be implementing them faster than ever before.

and if we may take justineh as an example, the next big thing they have in the pipe-line is copying Facebook with :

  • phase 1: deleting fake or double accounts
  • make you register through KYC
  • trace all your movements and sell your stats to big corporations

Can you now fix the Steem reward payouts and separate it from the crypto exchange market? I think you can! I believe you can add a denomination series to STEEM to give it a MOE ~ medium of exchange... The commodity of the Steem blockchain is the content created by the Steemians. According to the white paper, Steem ONLY has one crypto-monetary function ~ unit of account. To truly have a REAL cryptocurrency ecosystem, you must have a function 4 crypto - - Medium of Exchange; Store Value; Unit of Account; Standard of Deferred Payment.

That was fast! Awesome work as always 😊

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It changes the essence of the network immensely.

Bad idea.

The flag means that the reason for demonetizing an entry is a violation of the rules of conduct (misuse of tags, copyright infringement and others).

With this measure you are legalizing, promoting and encouraging content censorship for ideological reasons.

Honestly, I think it's a terrible idea. I would love to be wrong.

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This is exactly what I tried to explain on a number of different posts on the subject earlier in the week but all I got was "its just a UI tweak" NO ITS NOT!!!!

Sure! I mean... There are just A LOT of thigs to plan and change... Instead of that, we have downvotes.

And this gif is a grafic representation. Same product, same problems... But with a new hat.

Downvote button is too close to upvote now. It's easy to missclick when operating on small mobile screen.

Can you guys do a poll on the views of Steemit posts too?

Since as you say you do all we ask for, such a new poll should not be too problematic i presume?

Something also tells me we would have many people answering "yes".

Can't wait for you guys to do a nice and quick job like this one!

The Poll and the quick change from Flag to Downvote was a BIG SUCCES.

STEEM today fell UNDER 6000 Satoshi on Binance!

steem 5990.png

Now if the devs and witnesses of Steemit try a very little bit harder, we can go Lower than the ATL of 5800 Satoshi. We're almost there!

Keep up the good work guys!

You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Definitely a development in the right direction.
Steem ON!

Wow, this is a good system improvement step. hopefully steemit will be loved more

It still gives me error message when i try to upload image. Also can not see images.🙋🏻‍♂️

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Can you give us any more information about this?

Some helpful things to know:

  1. What is the error message (if any)?
  2. What happens when you try to go to ?
  3. Where are you geographically located?
  4. Do you know of anyone else that is experiencing this issue?
  5. Are you using a VPN? If so, where is your VPN located?
  1. It says “Image upload: Unable to contact the server.” Also ı can not see images. I shared some screenshot links.

  1. Can not reach the server.
  2. TR
  3. Yes. I had seen just one post and someone commented about it on somewhere. Can not remember now. may be @abh12345 had the same error (Apologize sir i mentioned you because you had the same problem that i remember)
  4. No. But i can reach with VPN sites. And i can see images.

Thanks for interest

 3 years ago (edited)

I think may be censored by Turkey now. We had another user report this last week. We’re not doing anything on our end to block an entire country.

😅🙏 Thanks for interest

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I can use my steemit with TOR

Hello accidental downvotes!

Well, what I'm finding now that the red downvote button was added, is that the 'resteem' button is badly overlapped (or hidden) by the 'bar' or the 'arrow' of the votes counter.


On other hand. I didn't check this yet. But I'll get to test soon if @quochuy's PR was already properly addressed and his so desirable requested feature of the "Match width of editor preview and actual post" has been actually corrected. };)

We had to make a compromise and reduce the width of the preview pane I stead of increasing the one of the actual post. It was safer that way. In the future we can consider increasing both of them after doing more tests to make sure the change does not affect anything else

Ok, that's at least a bit closer to the goal. Let's check later how good that looks like now. :)

hmmm I don't think they have deployed it yet...
Also, I noticed that they have modified my PR and changed the width from 50rem to 42rem... odd...

Yep, I also read about the modification of the suggested width measures you did on your PR there.

Anyway, I think we are now al least two to be attentive to the final changes and scold them if they fail to please our justified whims. LoL

After checking the code again, I now know why they did it. It's my bad. My initial width of 50em was wrong because the actual post width is not the width of .PostFull but the one of .PostFull .MarkdownViewer.

However, their width of 42rem is a tad smaller: 638px vs 640px. So I opened a new PR.

Wonderful to see the many community contributions! Thanks to all involved!

SMT in our minds! Yet we’re grateful for this.

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SMT in our minds! Yet we’re gratefowl for this.

I am a bot. I detect owl related puns.

Please remove bias popup from downvote, or include one for upvote. Social engineering ain't cool steemit.

Where can I respond for a downvote that I don't deserve?

I'm actually a big fan of this new feature! This is how it should be IMO, the flag button was way too obscure.

Now, if there was any other way to make content discovery more user-friendly, I'd be very much in favour of implementing that feature as well.

This is a comment I'd received about Steem today, on Bitcointalk forum from someone who I'd pushed to join Steemit a couple of months ago. I think this person's experience is similar to what many new users face:

Yeah, it might not be very positive, but it's comments like these that should really be taken into account.

Love the speed of the development! Great work @steemitblog :)

Keep up the good work and the vision to bring this blockchain in the top 10 in the near future.

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Is it me, or is the downvote button bigger than the upvote button?

Lol - not in my browser (Brave) but that would be funny. The green button has the cool animation though!

This is Chrome...

That does look a bit bigger - might be the downward arrow that's bulkier. If I were using Chrome right now I'd totally be tempted to downvote you right now :P


Haha, must be a visual illusion. Mine do have the same size.

Remember: We see the things we wanna see. So my question is: why are you so downvoty today? What about some spring time positivity? :-D

Maybe a visual illusion :D

I don't think I've cast any downvotes today, and actually revived a comment that had been 'unapproved' by someone else!

I think those buttons are very close to each other, so people may accidentally hit the wrong one at times. But then we do at least have something to talk about :-D lol

LOL, now that you said that, it does look bigger to me too.
However I think it's just an optical illusion - red radiates more than green.

.. man it does look different haha. The green one now looks like an oval to me and not a proper circle. :)

I think you been starring too long now, next you'll be saying the colours are changing and you feel very relaxed :)

It actually is lol

Is it not a visual illusion due to green and red?

Could be, i'm sure it's a bit chunkier though?!

After looking again, I thought the green one was bigger for a moment, then had to just stop looking lol

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I think you're just tempted to try it out. :p

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I'm sure i'll get the chance to soon enough :)

Lol. It kinda did look like it to me as well at first.

Very quick turnout on this! Downvote does feel less hostile than flagging - so good move all around.

Am I the only one that’s nervous I’m going to accidentally hit the downvote button all the time since they are so close to each other? 😅

Nice 👍😊

HI @steemitblog, it's an important improvement ,
i like it thanks ..... :)

Yes, the rather short lived poll showed something close to consensus on the change. What it also showed though was a lot of concern about the layout with some rather good suggestions too. Guess you guys missed that part.

Hihihii, make the Flagwars great again. :-) I have no Problem with that change. Look´s Good for me. :-) Salve Alucian

Hi, I've been experiencing a bug since 4/30/19 with one of my articles. At that time, I couldn't access it through a link or my main article list; I'd get 403 Forbidden. Now, the latter works but the former still produces that error. AFAIK, t is the only one I have a problem with.

Does downvoting cost the same as upvoting costs RC?

Is the downvoting the same as flagging?

Steemitwallet still can not remember language preferences. I am able to change Russian to English finally but after coming back to wallet page again I see Russian. Would you please fix it?

This looks amazing. Please add a separate downvote pool

This proactive communication and these updates are encouraging.

Good job guys