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Fiat to STEEM Gateway

With those goals in mind, we are excited to announce that the Steem-native team behind FreedomEx exchange has gone live with their Fiat to STEEM gateway! They achieved this milestone by partnering with Netcoins. Through this partnership they’ve added not only the ability to go from US Dollars to STEEM, but also Canadian Dollars and Euros as well! Check out their announcement here.

While they are not currently able to accept US customers, according to the FreedomEx team they are in the process of completing a compliance audit after which they will be able to open this functionality to US residents.

To stay on top of developments from the FreedomEx team, follow them on Steem @freedomex, or join their Discord.

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This is a great development. I assume that this means that Steem Engine tokens (like my SUFB token) listed on FreedomEx will be able to be traded for fiat by just two transactions on FreedomEx?

Yes! in most cases we will be eliminating 2 transactions and their associated fees.

Will there be a way to link Token prices to fiat?

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Our next UX and trading engine update will have fiat prices displayed.

Excelent, awesome work!

Awesome work @andrarchy! Good to see stuff moving ahead here. :)


That is great news, I hope they will accept US customers soon. Good idea with

May I suggest creating a account or something like that and initiating some sort of engagement with ads Steemit displaying now and will display in the future? This way Steemit or companies may be able to directly reward those who consume their ads, engage with companies, provide feedback, and buy their products/services.

I think Steemit is in a unique position to reinvent how ads are done online. This in return may increase the interest of companies to create accounts here and interact with their customers directly.

I imagine a day when people are able to trade their currencies, including cryptocurrencies, for other currencies, using an exchange. It's a wild dream, perhaps too daring, but I can't help myself but imagine such a future!

You would want the free exchange of currency, wouldn't you?

well done and needed
Mazel Tov

So happy to hear about this wonderful news this morning

Right on! Good things are sprouting and growing. Awesome accomplishment for the ecosystems.

Do they accept Europe custumers?

Yes indeed!

Hello @amahovac93. Yes, customers from Europe are accepted.

How much are the fees?

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3% fee when purchasing steem.

Ok thanks i will check it out.

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Game changer!! Good work @freedomex. 💪🏻

very good information, thank you very much

awesome! The easier it is to obtain, the easier it is to onboard!

Great work @freedomex, I'll be first in line when US is ready :^)

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The service is operational for Canadians customers? I would like to try the service and produce a DTube video about it? It is possible to link it to a Canadian bank account?

Yes! We are all set for Canadian customers. A video would be a great idea. Thank you

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Been waiting for something like this for a long time. Excellent!

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Awesome, so happy to hear about this work

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enjoyed The content thoroughly 😊

This is certainly a great development! I just hope @freedomex will be able to offer support for US users soon... and it'll be interesting to see whether Washington state (where I live) will be an "exclusion." It's almost impossible to trade cryptos in this state, thanks to massive legislation on exchanges, due to the legal cannabis industry.

fuck yes :D something moving in the right direction!

Awesome development. I hope they can integrate more currencies in the nearest future

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Wow, steem is rising.

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this is good
very awesome
this will make steem more famous

So is this Steemit's first advertisement?

I certainly did not choose to see this material in my feed.

This is great news but could be insanely dangerous for me and my wallet!

A couple of questions:

  • Will this platform only list Steem based coins? or will it also list other coins/tokens like BTC, ETH, ELA, REP, ...etc?
  • Will this exchange have built-in wallets for BTC, ETH, etc?
  • Will we have the ability to delegate our SP to you in return for no fees?

Hello! Yes, we already have other tokens listed. So, its not only STEEM and SCOT tokens listed.

We already have built in wallets for many tokens btc, eth, dash,ltc etc.

You will need to purchase 2,000 FREEX tokens to receive no trading fees.

It's nice to see more support for Steem.

¡Que gran noticia!. Esperemos que todo se ejecute y siga avanzando este proyecto cada vez mas. Estaremos pendiente de mas noticias

Good news for all steemian

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Amazing!! not my native money, yet, but Euros save me alot of trouble still!

This is awesome.

This is very good initiative, I am hundred percent in support! Thank you for this updates.

Through this partnership they’ve added not only the ability to go from US Dollars to STEEM, but also Canadian Dollars and Euros as well!

This is another good one for STEEM! Hope they accept US customers soonest. Thanks for the update!

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