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RE: ANN: Fiat Gateway is LIVE! - FreedomEx Delivers

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Eagerly looking forward to being able to buy/sell Steem directly with USD (in the U.S.).. I’m way past tired of buying ETH on Coinbase, transferring to an exchange, converting to Steem and then sending it to my account on the blockchain! All the while paying over 7% in fees between international debit card charges + Coinbase fee + exchange fees 🙄. Your services are needed, to say the very least!

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We agree. The entire process is too long and cost more than it should. FreedomEx will be your single source for buying and selling via fiat for STEEM.

Can’t wait!! 🚀🌕

Also, is there a way to buy FREEX through Steemconnect or Keychain? Last time I tried it asked for my active directly. Thanks

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As long as the Steem is sent to @freex-bot steemconnect and steemkeychain methods are allowed.

You can send however you like, though our buy Freex button on needs the Active key. Its a client-side transaction via the browser, so we don't see or store it in any way.

Great explanation, that all makes perfect sense. Good to know that the browser option is safe as well, but I’ll definitely use the keychain method. Thanks!

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Yes. Using Keychain:

Send STEEM to: freex-bot
With memo: FREEX token Purchase

Sweet! Thank you. That helps tremendously

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