An Introduction & Overview of The Corrupt Financial/Legal/Gov Systems That Enslave Our World - Justin Walker - ITNJ 2018

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This is a pretty good, short overview of the anatomy of the enslavement grid that controls many countries on Earth currently. I have been addressing these topics for over a decade online and I am glad to see here, Justin Walker, present these complex ideas in such a concise way as part of the ITNJ proceedings.

Justin covers the financial system, the corruption of our other systems such as the judiciary, legal systems, pharma systems, energy systems and others.

I recommend bookmarking this post for sharing with others who may not know anything much about these topics - it is a good introduction. (He is even using some of my favourite memes in the presentation, for use when discussing these topics).

The ITNJ (International Tribunal for Natural Justice) Is an independent group who brings together experts and witnesses to address the major problems we face that governments are not addressing correctly. This session is on child abuse, slavery and human trafficking.

You can see the other posts I have made from the many videos from this session of the ITNJ here:

Justin Walker

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