I saw that video yesterday. I liked the fact that they used word "protest" and "protesters" instead of "riot" and "rioters." Which is quite peculiar considering that South China Morning Post has lost it's reputation after being accused few times for bending down to China's manipulation and demands.

Vice News has been regularly reporting about protests too.

South China Morning Post was brought by tencent to "remove anti china bias". They have become increasingly pro china from then on.

Tencent? I thought they were bought by HNA group.
You're right about the rest. They still allow a token few articles that are critical of China, just to maintain the illusion of a Free Press, but any criticism of China is now riddled with disclaimers and watered down.

Not really. They swing wildly depending on who the author is. Their problem is they don't have balance so it just kinda feeds the extremes with whatever they want to hear

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