@freedom Can Single-Handedly Boost the Price of STEEM and The Market Ranking

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@freedom has that power

Major exchanges will only communicate with two entities of a coin with regard to new listings

  1. CEO/COO of a coin
  2. Top Stake holder of a coin

@freedom fits #2 of this list.

Clearly @freedom wants to maintain anonymity and this can still be done without providing identity.

Communications can be accomplished anonymously between the exchange and @freedom. There will need to be proof for the exchange to confirm that they are actually communicating with @freedom. This is accomplished with a simple wallet transfer of a very small amount. It can also be accomplished by identifying a specific transfer amount prior to transfer taking place. Only @freedom knows how much and when his/her STEEM transfer will happen. Once proof is established for the exchange that they are communicating with @freedom, there will be negotiation for listing fees. This is all done anonymously and in private communications.

Yes, @freedom will need to pay for the listing fees. However, there is incentive to cover the cost of the fees. When the exchange lists STEEM and SBD, the value of @freedom's holdings will increase well beyond the price of the fees. So it is in the best interest for @freedom to get STEEM and SBD listed on as many exchanges as possible. It is possible that the listing fees can also be negotiated in STEEM instead of the often preferred BTC payments.

Also, another option is to spread the listing fees over a number of small exchanges instead of a single large exchange. The presence of STEEM and SBD on exchanges will make a huge impact in the price of STEEM.

@freedom, If you read this post, please contact exchanges and convince them to list STEEM and SBD. It would be in your best interest to increase the presence of STEEM and SBD everywhere.

Please support this communication to @freedom and Resteem and Promote this post to reach @freedom.


For a breakdown of how Steemit Rewards system works:


For a breakdown of Steemit Keys:


For a breakdown of why Steem Power is Important:


How to improve STEEM payment system:



I Resteemed this post @socky.
I have been wondering what your stance is on the latest Steemit inc.....
Some other’s have questioned whether @freedom an account that has been around from the beginning belongs to Steemit inc.
Your thoughts?🙃

I can only relay the latest communication from @ned. He has said that the move to transfer Steemit Inc's stake to exchanges is to protect the stake from the future risk of their companies stake freezing or being removed from the chain. @ned also said that there would not be selling of the stake with exception to the normal selling to cover operating costs of Steemit Inc. I have to agree that it is the right thing to do. As Steemit Inc steps aside for other front-ends to take on a dominate presence, the risk for Steemit Inc's stake increases as their user reliance on Steemit.com decreases. Regardless of the pleas from the witness to not power down, the long-term strategy for Steemit Inc is to protect those assets to ensure the operating revenue for their company.

@ned apparently doesn't know who @freedom is. There is a bunch of different rumors of who that person is which clearly shows the effectiveness of @freedom's desire to be anonymous.

I agree with you @socky, I have been following all this and to tell you the truth it’s spooking me a bit. I’m actually glad that @freedom is probably not @ned this is a powerful whale that can really help Steem. The grumbling on the street is that some more alt coins might be listed on exchanges, some are saying this is why the run up in SBD🙃
I got ready to do another ACH to get more Steem and paused ......to see The fallout.
My gut tells me to go ahead at the moment ........ Maybe I need to be on Discord more often, I am on Steemit everyday and I still feel like I am not in the loop. 🙃

Resteemed. This sounds like a good idea. Maybe @freedom will listen to this.

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well, its not about the money as we all know, its been quite a wile since i went drooling over that account. I doubt its still more than five million dollar in fiat value atm, but im not sure there, to up the price you would need fiat dollar to buy steem with , if you have seven or more million steem (in one account, i consider THAT to be the craziest idea ever, a few million bucks behind one single password???!?) then technically you have the power to bring the price down by selling en masse while powering down. I never seen it post but i dont really go around checking all that out. I don't know who they are and it's their money and their prerogative.

What does stand to reason is that a higher steemprice ofcourse benefits the major stakeholders even more,

although that is debatable too because at current prices only the really high-powered accounts have votes that are actually worth something. . . .

it's a free market and no matter what the already-rich content paladins say : if there's money to be had it WILL be about the money, wether you like it or not.

What steem needs is outside money, like any economic eco-system. The input has to come bottom up, that means investors, and i still think the best case can be made for BIG-advertising money, just like flixxo has, coca and pepsi cola, greenpeace , paco rabane, kenzo, that's their base for giving free crypto : you choose to watch ads -> you get a little something.
I have no idea why no one of the super-marketeers here has EVER brought in a major account, all they do is talk a lot about how you should promote YOURSELF while actually promoting themselves and about onboarding people while actually never brining in anything major at all so as far as the skillset goes i have my doubts there (and i personally KNOW for a fact that i suck at marketing)
but that is where the money is, that , and the 1% here (which is a statistical norm all across the board) deciding to sell at $5-$6 instead of $0.5 - $1 (better at$10, i think steem would sit nice at former ETC level)

cos the margin they get on selling off a whole batch is the same, it just takes more fiat volume, which they have, ofcourse if its caught in a higher price then the noise trading costs more, and at lower levels you can get exactly the same profit margin while keeping way less assets locked down in one single item.
But that's goodwill, and unlike most people here i don't pretend to believe in the goodwill of standard most humans. It's greed and that's that, the need for a 13th lambo is keeping the rest of us down, that's all there is to that but


there i go again, it must be night time ...i actually slept some.

If @freedom wants to help (and themselves) i say they put out a contest to see who can bring in the biggest account and reward the ones who do with a nice wad of steemcash :)

the road to sustainability ...

You doubt the power of exchanges.

I'm not asking @freedom to power down and sell on exchanges. @freedom makes passive income from delegating his/her SP.

When price is low, the STEEM ecosystem is not as profitable. Renting delegation thus becomes cheaper and ROI for @freedom goes down. Also, the value of @freedom's holdings are low when the price is low. Investors can come in and buy up cheap and do what @freedom does and cut into his/her business. It is in the best interest of @freedom to have the STEEM ecosystem healthy, profitable, and the price high to keep ROI high and limit investors from cutting into his/her business.

Also, bringing outside investors to STEEM to power up thins the reward pool and also cuts into profits for everyone. That indirectly affects @freedom's bottom line. For that reason, I can't imagine that @freedom would support a contest to see who can bring in the biggest account.

In terms of numbers, single exchanges have orders of magnitude of MAU vs the the entire STEEM MAU. Did you notice the huge jump in STEEM and SBD price? That is NOT caused by investors, @ned showing, or users powering up. Believe me I know, I study it every single day. The reason is the simple fact that news of unfreezing STEEM wallets on Bithumb. If you could read Korean, you would see that there is a bunch of talk about it. Just based on that news alone STEEM price has shot up. In fact, UpBit exchange has taken over the STEEM and SBD trading volume by 4 to 5 times of Binance. UpBit is the Korean language only exchange. Bithumb had these wallets frozen for a long time. The news of unfreezing of those wallets has a similar effect as if the exchange was going to list the coin for the very first time. Any time a currency is listed on a major exchange, it is like a shot of steroids for the coin.

listing on smaller exchanges can have the same effect if several small exchanges were to list the coin.

I've also watched accounts like theycallmedan where they show up with tons of money and power up all while price continues to fall. So by that, you should be able to gauge minimum investment that would be needed to make a difference. It would have to be massive. With that said, I do agree with you that investors and huge advertisements could make an improvement as long as there are serious amounts of money and massive advertisement campaign. The question is how are you going to make that happen? I don't know. I do know that @freedom can cover the cost of exchange listings and it will improve his/her bottom line. That is something that is realistic.

What would happen if that account is just a bridge account or just to save your steem or sbd. and he is not interested. You can see that you have your power to many accounts. or is someone we know and pass unnoticed.

The account is a passive income account renting delegation.

The facts are:

  • There is significant stake
  • There is desire to protect that stake
    This is why the account votes on witnesses. @freedom doesn't need to do that for any other reason and shows that the owner has taken a conscious effort to protecting this stake.

I would like to know what you think of this publication.

Witnesses can be trusted.
power down of its @steemit account

I like the concept of the community creating software upgrades to STEEM. It would bring more decentralization to STEEM and cut reliance on Steemit Inc. There is one major flaw in that thinking. There is no one with the programming skills to write the software.

In essence, cervantes is asking for a voluntary tax to pay for a outside support. I think that most people here want to avoid taxes. I can't imagine that people will volunteer to be taxed.

Freedom doesn't just vote on witnesses, you need Freedom's vote to be a top 20 witness.
Good way of acting like the community is voting in witnesses while Steemit/Ned or one their close associates is basically picking witnesses.

Some witnesses don't need @freedom's vote to be in the top 20, but I agree that many do.

Re-steemed! I hope it will help in our mission!

Holy shit this dude @freedom had a tonne of steem and no postings. They must be a bitcoin hacker.

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