I don't think that's what he was coming at though, if everyone was left to voluntarily decide that this is my space who are you to claim that space, maybe he wants that space to....who ultimately decides who that space really belongs to. In a case where a space would be determined upon the needs of people to function as a society would that space be given to someone who produces lettuce or someone who produces oil, so unless you could drive machinery of any kind on lettuce the oil would ultimately be the bigger benefactor to society, if the dispute can't be resolved then those in society or the community decides...and the community is obviously going to decide they need oil more then they need lettuce so the lettuce grower is still going to lose in this instance...which basically is worse then what we have now, in a court of law it may be decided that unless that land is the only place that produces oil or is of a need for a national security interest the lettuce grower has more rights to the land and that the community doesn't get to decide just because it may mean a more local and less expensive route then importing their oil. Anyway the whole thing is always so comical to watch because you can see that even Adam has a hard time at certain points not to keep from laughing at himself.

The space is yours if you’ve rightfully acquired it. We can use reason to determine whether or not property has been rightfully acquired. But Adam recognizes physical property as property. Where he fails to support freedom is in regards to intellectual property. He believes it is okay to steal such property, because he fails to recognize it as such. If he were to apply reason, he’d come to see his failing

They didn't hit much on the intellectual rights of property, I didn't watch the whole video but made it through a considerable bit....mostly because the faces these people make when he describes his ideas make me laugh.

I didn’t watch it. I know that Adam doesn’t recognize property rights from other readings/interactions with him. Like all anarchists he wants might & whim to rule over right & reason

So....same as it ever was. lol.