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After analyzing this alt-right phenomena from both sides, I have now formulated my opinion on it. Well I already knew the answer, it's just that I wanted to explore the issues from both sides and see what both sides think, I've analyzed both the leftist arguments, and the right-wing arguments, and as always the truth is always in the middle, but let's just discuss the alt-right here.

The Alt-Right in Short

Due to globalization of economies, and international corporatism, and a cheap supply of labor available in most places of the world, except the western world, corporations follow their pockets and either move to cheap countries or prefer inviting cheap labor to the home country. In the America (but also in Europe), people are fed up with immigrants, so they demand closed borders and perhaps a reduction on the welfare, certainly some reduction of taxes, and also import taxes on foreign goods and protection of home businesses. Alright, so it's a form of trade protectionism and political nationalism.

My analysis:

So let me break it down 1 by 1 and let's see how well can I tune into the events and see what is going on.

1) Envy

Now, I hope people here believe in free markets, which means that anyone can trade without restrictions: both their labor, as their money. So when people move immigrate into another place to find better jobs, and the companies prefer hiring them, because they work for cheaper, then the native population is upset, because they can't compete with the cheap laborers, and are envious. If you believe in free markets and a right for everyone to compete, then you must be really envious when somebody is better than you, and outcompetes you. So this largely based on envy.

2) Hatred

Humans either fear or hate anything that is foreign. People fear in the dark, or used to fear natural events like big storms and volcano eruptions. When the event is more familiar, but still foreign, then they just hate it.

In a 16th century homogenous little town, if a group of Jews moved in there, people will look at them suspiciously, they will start to invent conspiracy theories about them, conflicts will probably break out, antisemitism will rise, and then eventually the Jews will be persecuted in horrible ways.

The Jews had to endure the same thing every single time they moved in parts of Europe, and they have been persecuted all over history, just because they were foreign to the local cultures.

It is really unfortunate that people feel hostile towards unknown people, but this is how it is, it's human instinct. And the same is happening now to Muslims. They have come into Europe, and immediately conflicts broke out, both sides are probably guilty, but everyone blames it on the other.

Maybe some Muslims are violent, but how many events were there, hundreds perhaps? But there are millions of Muslims, so a couple hundred is really nothing compared to a huge sample. And you can say that to almost any group.

And the rest of the hostilities and conflicts are probably due to this foreign-ness issue. The native population distrusts them, and the immigrant population is very scared and defensive. It's the same thing all over again.

3) Welfare

Now it is true that a lot of immigrants come for welfare, and that the welfare state is the main cause of immigration. But the alt-right is more concerned with the borders than with the welfare. How come? If you are concerned with immigration, then just dismantle the welfare state, and the immigrants will move to another country, as simple as that.

But it's obvious, that that is not their plan. Their plan is to keep the welfare state, but also find a scapegoat, for society's problems. Or in other words an exercise of authoritarianism and hatred, instead of a rational economic solution.



Now to add this all together, it's a no-brainer, that the alt-right movement is National Socialism in disguise. You don't need to have an IQ of 160 to figure this out. It's the blue print for the New World Order.

  • They want welfare, socialism, but only for their nation. Well that is the definition of National Socialism
  • They hate cheap laborer Muslims or Blacks like German Nazis hated cheap laborer Poles in the 1930's
  • They hate Jews (yes the Alt-Right is full of anti semitic conspiracy theories)
  • They want closed borders, and detention facilities for immigrants, hmm that sounds largely like a giant concentration camp
  • They are big warmongers and pro-military industrial complex, peparing for WW3? Preparing for war with Russia? Isn't that what Hitler did?
  • Pro giant Gestapo surveillance state, and persecution of immigrants in Gestapo style
  • State interference in economics and corporations, which is the definition of fascism
  • Rabid Nationalism with Xenophobia toward other nations (Hatred of China or Russia) or minorities at home
  • Full of envy and hatred towards successful people (Jews, Chinese entrepreneurs, hardworking Muslims,etc)
  • White Supremacy, which is basically Aryanism 2.0

They are 100% the textbook definition of Nazis, and nobody is realizing it? As much as I hate stupid Leftist economic policies, I have to admit, they are angels compared to what these Nazis have to offer. It is really not fun to replace a mildly irritating political ideology, with an outright demonic political ideology.

And the joblessness, economic disasters caused by stupid leftists, is what is causing the reactionary evils to become spawned, but that doesn't mean that people should just sit and do nothing, while we are being taken over for the 2nd time by Nazis.


This quote has been referring to the triumph of Hitler, whereas nobody did anything to stop the hatred. But now we are facing the same evils, what will people do now?

We have social media, internet, all communication tools that we need in order to convince people that hatred is not the answer. So people should go out and do it. It's up to us to stop evil, with logic, rationality, and hope.

We are building here the future of social media, this will be our future, but people first have to see the wonders and the gifts of what the future can offer, to give them hope to make themselves better and to stop the hatred. Quite frankly that is the only way to stop evil.


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I agree with much of what you say, where I find a difficulty is with welfare, at least in the USA, in Europe I guess you are talking about EU workers receiving welfare in European countries that aren't there own, but in the USA the main problen is with immigrants who enter the country "illegally", how can these people receive welfare if they have no type of ID and are constantly on the move so the immigration service doesn't catch them? If any of them are receiving welfare it must be with some government employee or employees approval, this would be corruption, right?

Well I am not going to defend welfare: but you either have it or you don't, you can't just say that X people receive it.

But if you really think about it, it's better if nobody receives it. No welfare = no immigrants.

But the alt-right has no issue with welfare, or atleast not that critical, they want socialism, but only nationally, or national socialism in other words.

I don't think No welfare=No immigrants, again maybe in Europe, Latinos don't go to the US for welfare they go looking for better pay, and then you have a few who leave because they have issues in their countries, perhaps they are criminals, have enemies or their governments are after them. In any case they are there illegally so they shouldn't be able to collect welfare.

Yes just like the Poles went to Germany for work after WW1, where people were envious of them that they worked so hard.

This fueled Hitler, and the same way the hatred for Mexicans in the US is fueling this alt-right.

but you either have it or you don't, you can't just say that X people receive it.

Sorry to tell you, but that's a stupid statement. Of course, you can have welfare for "X" people. First, you only give Welfare to who needs it, not to everyone, it's not FLAT, and you are already doing it to "X" people. Then Welfare should be given only to people who deserve it, somebody who is sucking the state (taxpayers) like a parasite and not working, don't diserve it. Also, illegal immigrants should not receive welfare, since they did nothing to immigrate legally, they didn't respect the country in the first place. Second, if they don't fight for their own country and culture, how do you expect them to fight for your country and be disciplined on your country?

this was a good assessment yah i agree with stella

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I see your jihad against Nazis isn't going very well. Still, you are a nice counter to that small group on the alt-right that willingly self-identifies as Nazis/Neo-Nazis. Your cartoon description fits them well and things would be improved if you manage to reduce their numbers.

You won't find much success beyond that because the tactic of constructing a straw-man and attacking it is mostly a fun activity for the person doing it. It is an over-used tactic - like a magic trick that everyone knows. So have fun with your Jihad, maybe you can do some good against that small contingency of ideological Nazis that actually exist. They are a vocal but irrelevant part of the world changes now occurring.

I'm happy that you are not a nazi