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RE: Society: "Be yourself." Society: "No, not like that"

in #freedom3 years ago (edited)

This is such a great post!

If we could practice that one thing of, not knowing, not being for sure, willing to feel uncertain and unsafe, just for a small amount of time, just to see what that feels like, to get use to what that feels like little by little.

I really resonate with your message. In large part, I feel like my life has been growing to those edges and continually discovering how I truly want to live instead of following the prescribed norms that itch, chafe and stifle my soul. That inner feeling knows. Thanks for this inspiring post! Resteemed!


I definitely believe it's a process. But once we start, there's no going back! :)

Thanks so much for reading and resteeming! I greatly apprciate it.

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