The Tinyhouse Family Are In England! Brighton Beach! And I'm Going To Be A Grandfather, Again!!!!

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After Spending five months in the south of Europe we decided to take a huge detour up into northern Europe to see my eldest daughter Chanel, who is expecting her second child any day now.


The Little Boy, Who Became A Daddy.

It's no secret that I had somewhat of a wild upbringing, I grew up in foster-care and as a teenager I was quite a hand full to say the least. I grew up way too quickly and by the time I was 15yrs old, I was already a father.

Chanel, 4th September 1995.

Sorry about the picture quality, it's been in my wallet for 23yrs =)


23yrs Later
And She Is Still As Beautiful
As The Day She Was Born.


Two years ago
I was blessed with my first Grandchild,
A beautiful little girl who goes by the name of Sienna Grace.



Being a Granddad at the age of 35 was great! I finally had an excuse for telling bad jokes, and I've been told that it's perfectly acceptable to make grunting noises when getting up from a chair.



While we are here in England waiting for the new addition to the family, we also plan on catching up with all our friends and family and at the same time experience the best that England has to offer, which In my eye's has to be Brighton.

Brighton has it all, and it most defiantly has the biggest bunch of alternative thinking humans on this whole entire Island. Anything goes in Brighton, and if you've ever been here then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, here are just a few pic's I found on-line so you can get a feel for this wonderful city.





Thanks for reading
Be sure to join us again soon,
for more Brighton/England Posts!


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wow that's amazing @markwhittam, congrats bro!!!!!!!! Soooo happy for you and your family, we need more good and beautiful people on this earth! :D

Thanks for sharing some from ENGLAAAAAAND and Brighton, didn't know much about it but it feels similar to Gothenburg with great diversity and alternative scene! :)

Also been at the beach lately as the sun is finally back here...

Gothenburg, Fiskebäck



Yes @reko!

Glad you liked it brother!
It's funny, I've been to Gothenburg many times and I have some close friends their who told me that they call Gothenburg "little London" which is what we in England call Brighton "little London by the sea"

Happy you are enjoying some vitamin D =)

Peace Bro!


oh yeah, so happy it's back!! We're in for the best year so far, you can hold me to it!;)
If you are ever coming here make sure to give me a heads up but I guess it's hard with the current situation...

Your daughter is so beautiful! Congratulations to all of your family for the soon to be new addition! It’s gorgeous out there and looks like you all are having a blast as usual! Thanks for the update!!! 😊


Thank you @crosheille!
Yes, she is absolutely stunning! If there is one thing I'm good at, it's making beautiful babies =)



You’re welcome!! 😄😄😄😉

Congratulations, Mark! I have a half sister who is 16 years older than me. She never had kids, but when I was little I thought she was the coolest! It will be fun for your younger kids to visit with your older daughter and her kids as they grow up.

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i mean! yes! i used to live there too..
miss it often
ENJOY! and congrats mark!

Being a father at 15 yrs of age !!! Damn !!

I am 24, I can't even imagine having a child !! I am myself a child right now !!!

How did you take care of a baby at such an age man !!! Hats off to you !!

And hey how did you put text between and under those images ?

You have so many kids around haha. I can see it in the video and in all the pictures. :P What a cute family <3

But you don't look like a grandpa yet ... Hehehe

Congratulations to you ....Enjoy :D :D



How did you take care of a baby at such an age man !!!

We'll to be honest, I didn't. Shortly after that pic was taken me and the mother split up, I became a homeless drug addict and I didn't see my daughter for a long time. I managed to sort my life out, Luckily she forgave me and I made it up to her before it was too late!

A lot of people have asked me how I do my post layouts, I think I will do a post soon revealing all my tricks, I'll give you a clue though, I use an app!

Thanks for the feedback @himshweta


Ooohh !! Well everything is well that ends well.

Glad to see you much better now :) :D.

And yeah I will be waiting for those revelations :D :D

All my pleasure @markwhittam. Thanks for replying ;)

Wow... I bet you're the coolest grandpa ever!! Incredible....
We were in Brighton one week ago... It would've been awesome to run into you guys! On the other hand, you know how I always envy the fun stuff you and your kids do... for once I'm fine with your trip to the beach...been there, done that! Enjoy ... and waiting for news about your second grandchild! (Again, wow!)


Cool! We got here last Sunday, so it was nearly possible that we could have run into each other, I'm sure you would have recognised our tinyhouse if you'd have walked past it =)

O wow I remember Brighton from my childhood memories. I've been there for a week with school and stayed with the locals there. I remember the BRIGHTON PEER very well. also the souer chips I can not wipe from my memory. Your a great granddad btw. Who doesn't like to have s granddad that is as young and goodlooking (ahum) as you are?!


Hahaha! There's a good looking man somewhere underneath all my facial hair and tired eyes!

Brighton is the best, I don't think it's changed much since you've been here either.


Finally I found you sir @markwhittam. I do really curious before about the one who initiated in creating the #familyprotection tagline. Keep spreading the positive message sir, You inspired me in conducting this social campaign. I wrote an article about this as well. About a mother experience. You can check my blog sometime. I mentioned you there as the one who inspired many people to spread this positive message to everyone.
Followed you already!

Wow you are in england already! This post made md smile so much! Looks like the weather is better there than here (today) haha. Good luck guys, and lots of love. Thanks for keeping us updated ❤


Thank you @frejafri!

Hahaha! We have been here a week already, we move fast when we want to =)

We will keep you all updated, hopefully see you in Portugal or Spain somewhere in a few months =)

congratulations, Mark! Amazing news!

Beautiful layout on your post too, and Brighton looks great!

@markwhittam because of this post, i now have to go to Brighton... it looks amazing and oddly overly welcoming. So I'm going to plan out a time and jusy go over there and as I read more of the post you present i must say its scarey how sometimes you can have a lot more in common with people you dont know. I wish you and yours the best becareful and stay safe.


Thank you for the feedback @carterx7!
Yes! Everyone has to go to Brighton at least once in their lifetime!

what splendid news! you're a granddad! and soon you'll be twice a granddad!))
What exciting time to wait for a new small sweetie:)
Your daughter is just pure beauty! It's not just adulation!
I am very critical to womens' beauty, but she is really perfect! So young and pretty Mom:)
and I had a chance to see you without a beard - you're handsome without it too, I must admit!:)

Brighton seems to be so full of fun, thanks for photos, you alwas share so many amazing facts about new places for me. I don't have an opportunity to travel now, so I travel through your eyes for now:))
By they way, I can easily belive it's a rainy city because even here in Russia there is a popular old song where one of lines says : It's again raining in the Brighton beach:)
so all Russians know it's really rainy.

Waiting for new posts very much!
And for a sweety newborn baby too;)

You are living the dream. Congrats on another member of the family adding to your blessings. @markwhittam

Congratulations Mark, very excited for you and your daughter, your girls must be very excited. I haven't been to Brighton in years but it is great, I did manage to be there for the first Fat Boy Slim free party years ago, think that was the last time I was there. Maybe see you all over this way at some point, have fun, love to you all xx

Epic! Have a great time. We used to live in Brighton and it was a great life there. Congratulations on becoming a grandfather again. You can definitely step up the bad jokes.

Although you became a dad very early, your grandchildren will really benefit from this now, having a fit and healthy grandpa around for many years.

Man what a story! You were in the tail end of the Madchester era and now a Grandfather!

Haven't heard from you in a while, hope allz well with you and that beautiful Family! <3 Much Love Mark!!

amazing as always brother! Spain's sun will miss you! Congrats on becoming youngest looking grandfather again ;)

hellos to your beautiful family from me and my furry family way up in sunny Alpujarra :D


Really congratulations as you became grand father and i want to say that you could possibly one of the youngest grand fathers, and it's really interesting and something new to hear that you became father at the age of 15. And it's really great to here that you are finally liked an place where you are thinking you have environment which really suits with your thoughts. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Congrats! Great spot Brighton too living the life. I will join it soon 💯🐒

freedom is my hope.
you can see on my post all demanding freedom.
happy to you

Congrats future grandfather.☺ Beautiful layout man... 👌& charming photography i must say.👍

Life is a full of fun.wish a wonderful family time. thank you so much for sharing.....@markwhittam

Wow, looks like you had to mature super fast! Congratulations on having a fun and happy family, I'm sure that behind the scenes were a lot of sweat and toil.

Fun beach pictures, it's good to see kids enjoying themselves... I imagine things can get a little hairy if they decide they're bored...

What a story , do you said when you are already become a father!!!
Nice tour.

First and foremost, love and best wishes to the beautiful child and the beautiful Mom. And hearty CONGRATULATIONS! to the young and happy grandfather! Oh, and love the picture of the little boy who became a daddy. :)

Family is supposed to be your foundation for other pursuits of life. No matter how much you succeed in life or even if you fail, it’s your families comfort that makes you realise how beautiful and humble this small world is.

Not everyone here has a chance or is lucky to have a family, and those who have little they do realise how important role they play knowingly and unknowingly in our respective lives.

Secondly, at times we get frustrated or are naive enough to take things for granted until we realise they are gone, and then reality strikes like lightening!

If your family is not giving you the perfect habitat to grow then please ensure that when you become the core part of your own family in future, you give your extension the best habitat you could give to prosper and live!

We all should be thankful to our family, even if we don’t like them because somethings in life stay in dark to give light to our lives! And the best heroes are the ones who play crucial role in the dark.

Wow Mark, heard about your story for the first time. What an amazing story man. Father with 15 and now grandad with 33. Congrats and enjoy life and your grandkids!​

Take my congratulations @markwhittam! It is such a happiness to have a large family and your daughter is a real beauty)

Congratz! Exciting times ahead for the family :)

I feel for you @markwhittam . Conventional schooling just doesn't cut it anymore,it's eroding original values.

old is gold , pictures are real memories

I miss your post bro. Taking a deserved rest? It's a shame your family did not get a chance to visit my farm, but here is a tiny tour. Thanks for encouraging me to share my life with this awesome community. Peace, love in anarchy :)

Hi Mark, just a reminder that our agreement for delegation is up for renewal tomorrow evening.


I'm away working for a few days and I don't have my 2fa with me so I can't move any crypto till I get back. I've got a power down coming in 3 day's and I won't need 2fa to transfer that to you. If you could hold out till then it would be much appreciated otherwise we'll have to let it run out which would be a shame.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


That's no problem, we'll give it a few days.

@markwhittam you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Uncomplicated article. I learned a lot of new things. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription))))