Voluntary Visions, Cry For Freedom - Video

in freedom •  2 months ago

cry for freedom.jpg

This is a video reading of the Steemit post I did for Adam Kokesh called "Cry for Freedom"

I tried to download it to Dtube, and for whatever reason, it would not download.

This is the original article. The sources are listed in the article.


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“Free speech” for all! This is just sad, Marcus.


What are you guys planning to do? If you plan to ignore this, it isn't going to go away. The evidence is damning. Wouldn't it be better to cut any connection you had to those unethical actions and put distance between yourself and those involved? Instead, you appear to be siding with the people who committed the acts. In what universe do you think that's going to work out for you? It isn't this one.