The Forgotten Freedom Fighter Series

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photo by Sarah Shoemaker

Every activist finds their own way to help the world. It’s what makes us activists. Whether we protest, educate, take direct action, or write about issues, we all use what skills we have to share with the world our cause. When my friend, Adam Kokesh, was thrown in jail minutes after filing the paperwork to run for president, he asked me to write some articles for his Steemit page. I had been helping him with scheduling interviews for a few months and this would be the time in my life where I would have the opportunity to add to the campaign. Our first challenge had arrived. Would I step up and help while our friend and messenger was being unjustly held by the same government we were trying to dissolve? The answer was yes. I wrote press releases that week, I wrote to media, and I wrote for Adam’s Steemit page. This was one of those posts I wrote. - .

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photo by Sarah Shoemaker

After a couple of weeks in jail and after a death threat against Adam’s life, we bailed him out. We gathered in Arizona shortly after his release. One of our goals was to show the Libertarian Party we were serious about running for the president. It also gave us the chance to come together as a team who had weathered our first major challenge. During this weekend together, we laughed and discussed the future.

One of the discussions I had with Adam was about the post I’ve linked above. He had read it and was interested by the history that I’d included. He was especially impressed by the brief description of Ethan Allen. My article inspired him to look into the revolutionary leader. During this conversation, I talked about other historical freedom fighters I knew about. Adam asked if I thought I could write a series on Forgotten Freedom Fighters for his Steemit page. Again, I was asked if I was willing to step up and help. Again, I said yes.

Over the past few months I have written 14 articles. My wife, Amber, who also was involved in the conversation has written two. The first few articles I wrote from my own previous knowledge. I’ve studied history and freedom for years. About two months into this project, I began having to do more research on Freedom Fighters I might have known a little, but not nearly enough, to cover in detail. So, I began doing research. I still mixed in Freedom Fighters that I was more familiar with, but in many cases, I researched for hours every week to release a post.

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My journey continues. It has been months of writing these articles, Libertarian and also issue driven posts. Right now, I am researching Red Cloud, a Sioux Indian leader, who defeated the United States Army in war. As I look back at my activism through writing, I think it might be a good idea to present all of the Forgotten Freedom Fighter series, as it stands, together. This way, those who have enjoyed the posts can find any they may have missed. It also allows me to look at my work and my activism. I am proud of my writing. I hope you enjoy these posts.


Forgotten Freedom Fighters: the initial article

thomas young.jpg

Dr. Thomas Young: The First American Revolutionary


Mercy Otis Warren: Liberty’s Hand (by Amber Pulis)


Muhammad Ali: Fighting for Peace


Ann Hutchinson: The Freedom of Heresy (by Amber Pulis)


John Locke: Kindling the Fires of Freedom


Geronimo: Genocide in Arizona


Voltaire: Satirizing Government


Thomas Paine: The Father of the American Revolution


Tank Man: The Unknown Hero in Us All


Harriet Tubman: A Slave to No One


Adam Smith: Ethics and Economics


Smedley Butler: True Courage


Burning Monk: Freedom of Thought


Ethan Allen: The True Rebel


Milton Friedman: The Witty Economist

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