Freedom is Inevitable

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Our world is on the edge of a breakthrough. At least in this country, the people are ready to truly be free. Eyes are opening all over the globe to a new paradigm that puts the individual front and center. This evolution has been a long time coming. History has led us to this point. Technology, creativity, and pure will of the human spirit are all coming together to set us free. With all of this positive momentum what is keeping the public chained to the dominating force, and violence that is government?


That is a complicated answer that would take an entire book of information to fully answer. We can get at the basic concepts pretty easily though. Before I begin listing the few barriers I see in front of us, I want to stop for a moment and acknowledge that this evolution is coming. I feel it in my bones. It is inevitable. My viewpoint is hopeful and optimistic, but in that view I must boldly recognize that the road ahead has challenges. It is not helpful to deny those challenges. We should prepare for them by trying to see them for what they are and this knowledge will enable us to more easily get through the roadblocks quicker.

The biggest thing stopping us from moving forward is us. We in-fight, argue, and tear down our own. There are a hundred ways that the State can be made irrelevant, yet so many of us think our way is the only one. Obviously, I believe that the method being employed by Adam Kokesh and our campaign is the best method. For those of you unfamiliar with our platform please visit here Although I think this is the best method, watch out I am about to admit I don’t know everything, I could be wrong. What are YOU doing? Maybe your way gets us to a peaceful, free world faster than ours. Please, work just as hard as we are. All I ask is that you spend your time enacting your ideas. They could be the change we need.


The government and its friends love when we fight each other. Let’s be honest, those tools in the state are not that smart. Look at the governments leaders. Donald Trump is the president. His opposition was Hillary Clinton. These were the best those two parties had to offer. So, it is far easier for them to encourage us to attack ourselves. Recently, I had a conversation with someone who considers himself a minarchist, and I am a voluntaryist/ anarchist. He told me that he is constantly being attacked by anarchists on line. He has a popular podcast where he spreads the ideas that we own ourselves and that the only valid government is Voluntary. The only real difference between him and me is words; we agreed to just call ourselves Libertarians. I told him that I have had similar problems. I have been attacked by people who call themselves anarchists because our campaign is using the election as a referendum on whether the federal government should exist. They say we should not engage in the process, and what we are doing gives legitimacy to the government itself. My answer to that is again, if what we are doing does not work, this progress to a stateless society is inevitable, maybe what they are doing will get us there. I will not tear down others who are working to help spread freedom.

dumb asses.jpeg

Another obstacle in our way is the integration of the government in everything. In some ways the central planners have their fingers in more than they ever have. Two hundred years ago, if you wanted to get away from the state, all you had to do was move. In this country, that is exactly what happened. First people settled in what is now the Midwest, then onto the west. The reason it was the, “Wild West,” is because government did not have control of it. The native tribes had territory but they did not have nearly the centrally planned land that exists today. In the west, today 47%, of the land is owned by the federal government.

federal land.png

The government has taken pains to make sure that they maintain control of all land. What the Bureau of Land Management, or the BLM, did to Cliven Bundy is a perfect example of the state imposing itself on land. Here is the Wikipedia article for an overview-

Although this story shows the lengths the state is willing to go to maintain it’s strangle hold on land, it also shows that we can stand against it. The violent monopoly wants us to believe it has complete control but it also realizes that if it goes too far it will answer to an angry populace. Within that last sentence is contained the secret to our future. They know the people are more powerful than they are.


John Locke taught that if land is not being used by anyone for an extended period of time, it belongs to no one. It is in what he called a state of nature. The government has no rightful claim to any of that land. To Locke, to claim ownership of it, is to defy natural law. No one does that for long.

The final wall in our way to a free society that I would like to discuss is propaganda. This is simple. The government and its controlled media say it is so. How many people just accept that government is the answer? I don’t think I go one day without facing someone who has no real reason that the government is the answer, yet they say that it is. We are being brainwashed constantly by a complicit media with an agenda to funnel all power to its master, the state. Like so many of the founding fathers of this country said, a free press is essential to liberty. The main stream media is bought and paid for by government and multinational corporations. Every story is set up on the same framework. That formula is this, present problem, inform about that problem based on the government’s perspective, and offer the government as the solution. It is the Medias job to keep the people fearful, compliant, and feeling that there are no solutions outside of those that are controlled and presented.

Slowly, the media has destroyed all of their credibility. The American people know that they are being lied to. Sure, the government’s divide and conquer technique has one side believing that CNN is not to be trusted, and the other side believing that Fox News is the devil, but at least people realize that the news is being controlled to some degree. If people take the time to actually look into the stories, they quickly discover that all of them are deceiving us. Proof that people are making this realization is in the fact that “Fake News” is constantly being discussed.

fake news.png

We can also look at the rise of independent media as a step towards real journalism. The main stream media will say that these podcasts and smaller outlets should be researched because they don’t always present unbiased content. Of course they report biased content, but by urging us to investigate our news, they have signed their own death certificate. We will investigate them as well.

At the end of the day, what stands in our way to a free world of peace and prosperity? Illusions are what are in our way. None of the examples are real. Other people who are working on liberating us are not my enemy, nor are they yours. The solution to this is simply to stop arguing and focus on your ideas, put them into practice, and may the best idea dissolve the government.

The government is not all powerful and can be stopped. Nature is way more powerful than any group of humans. Evolution will make government obsolete. As for the media, they are imploding as we speak. These are not real obstacles. This whole thing reminds me of the movie “A Bugs Life.” Their government, the grasshoppers, used force to extort their currency, food, from the people. The grasshoppers lost control when the ants realized that though their enemy, or government, was scary and big, they were more powerful than their masters and they prevailed once they stood up to them.

bugs life.jpg

us at elf.jpg

Nothing really stands in our way. All we have to do is keep moving towards freedom. It is coming. We have the opportunity to come together in one voice and say that we own ourselves. That is how I think it will work best. We do not have to be united under one government, to be united in American values. It is time to localize government and it will become voluntary. No individual is our enemy. Our enemy is force, coercion, and violence. Therefore our common foe is central authority. It is oligarchy. We as a people are too good for this government. We will rise together and Finally Free America.



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Centralized redistribution based on non-market-conferred “authority” such as as that “conferred” by federal election has nothing to do with anarchy.

Lol, how many times have you criticized Adam for upvoting himself? You just could not stand being down there at the bottom of the comments.

I previously criticized @adamkokesh for upvoting a comment calling fellow activist @larkenrose a coward, at over 100 dollars.

I thought that was bad for the platform.

I upvoted this comment at under one dollar for visibility, yes. If that is a problem I will remove it.

Thanks, Marcus.

100 %

I have to agree with you on so many points.
It’s true that when the people fear the government you have tyranny but when the government fears the people you have liberty.
And also anyone who is willing to give up liberty for peace and security deserves neither.
The corrupt Media as well as corrupt politicians have misled and torn American families and values apart and yes, use decide and conquer technique to keep an advantage over the people.
A dumbed down society who’s value are being changed in the classrooms today to create a generation that does not know their rights and liberties, or the history there of, are quick to give up those liberties in exchange for peace and security.
Our constitution and bill of rights are not taught in school, God is frowned upon and morals left to vanish in a society trying to be more politically correct, than one of values.
I’m with you on this and pray for this country as well as countries all over the world that are fighting for their right to sovereignty and preserve their cultures from their one world one citizen agenda.

yes you right this is the truth

All energy that goes into criticising others and their ways, is missplaced energy. All energy that goes into questioning and bettering our own ways, is energy well used.


I just realized for myself that telling people the state apparatus needs to be dismantled is just feeding our collective fear issue...

It sounds too scary to most.

I will consider from now on shifting towards something more like this:

'The state apparatus needs to give up the initiation of violence.'

What will be left once the state does give up theft, extortion, torture, murder, war etc. ?

How should I know?
We will see.

This is a very detailed post and after reading your thoughts and this report. I may well say that your post is just truthful and fabulous. It made me go crazy to see someone of the views just like mine. Indeed you are very right. The whole of this world is getting ready and moving on towards liberty. Freedom of speech, religion , culture and thoughts. We do will face challenges before this by corrupt governments and wrong doers but once this is done it will.all be inevitable.

Hey @marcus.pulis, great insights you have there! Thanks for the good read. I think that's also one of the motivations that's pushing decentralising technology like blockchain to the mainstream. We're certainly moving towards freedom, slowly but surely.

I love how you relate this to the Bug's Life movie. It's just brilliant! Two thumbs up for that. I believe we, like ants, may be small and insignificant when we're left alone. But together, we surely can be more powerful than any entity. As always, unity is power.

Cheers, I've followed you for more great content. You're welcome to follow me too :)


Brilliant post, Marcus!

This is one of the most succinct, yet detailed articulations of this movement I’ve read. Well done!! Why can’t I upvote more?!?! 25 upvotes if I could!


A dream come true... a country with free will.

The words in this post validate the truth about what stopping us to achieve freedom is us. Any government knows this. That's why they don't pester people enough.

There's a culture of saying that "as long as 2we have cash in my pockets, I'm alright." People who embrace on this viewpoint are aware of the atrocities from politicians and people in power, and yet they're okay with that because of indulgence on frivolities

As of power, it has always resided on the military force. In other words, members of any government don't hold true power. It is an illusion that come from the officials in the army.

Not even a high-ranked military officer can do anything without his men, who carry the order. Soldiers are more in quantity, but sadly they don't understand that the oath they take is not submission to a group of people. It is the noble duty to defend innocent people and their human rights, keep freedom, and maintain peace.

You don't have to listen to people that say that you should.......
that's the beauty of it. :)

We must fight for true freedom

@ marcus.pulis

"Freedom: To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing." ~ Ayn Rand

Todos estos siglos de historia humana han servido para demostrar una sola cosa: el hombre domina al hombre para su propio perjuicio, no tiene la capacidad de hacerlo bien. Todos los sueños del de ser "libre" son loables pero insustentables.