Divide & Conquer

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"A house divided against itself cannot stand." This quote from Abraham Lincoln isn't new to anyone. I am not a big fan of Lincoln but this quote is relevant to the state of the American public today. Our government knows that if they can keep us divided, we will fight each other instead of paying attention to the ever increasing evils it continues to perpetuate. Those in power know that divide and conquer is one of the best tools of control.


The more recent example of this is in the gun debate. Like so many other issues, yes I certainly have opinions. I am certainly pro self defense and against any gun control. My position is actually one of repealing all gun laws. This is not the point. This issue is being used to divide us.

Those in power want us arguing over this. Years from now it will be made public that while we were debating guns some greater evil was secretly made into policy. This is only the current issue.

The last one pitted women’s rights and men’s rights. All men were accused of being perverts and rapists. Meanwhile women who defended men were said to be victim shaming. Let me be make my opinion clear that the violation of anyone’s right to self ownership, regardless of sex, is wrong.

Before that was gay rights. You were either for two consenting adults agreeing to get married and force people who disagree to bake them a cake or you hate homosexuals and want them to be shipped off to re-education camps. If you say to people that force should never be used and question why any government has the right to tell anyone who they can associate with, you are looked at like you are speaking Klingon.


The point is that a solution to these arguments was always pushed to one extreme or the other. You must choose between two absolutely conflicting view points. Either throw yourself into one of the extremes or walk away and say, “somebody else can handle this.”

In steps the “savior” with the middle ground that ignores personal responsibility and gives more power to a centralized control. Meanwhile while we were arguing over these issues. Murder, theft, and all manner of crimes were being committed all over the globe by governments and their friends in banks and corporations. The ultimate loser is always you. Not only do you lose your rights in the public debate but also in the hidden one.

Why do you think they keep it to two major political parties. Your choices are- A Jackass in a blue tie who wants a large centrally controlled government ran from D.C. that strips you of your wealth by stealing it right out of your pocket through taxation and putting it in their own pocket, or handing it to one of their friends as an early Christmas present every April.

Or you could “choose" option number two a bloated fat cat elephant wearing a red tie who wants a small centrally controlled government ran from D.C. that pushes around other countries, steals their stuff, and blows up children with the money they stole right out of your pocket.

“Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish… They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side & a set of Democratic waiters on the other side. No matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same all Street Kitchen” — Huey Long in “Every Man a King!”

We always have another choice. I choose this guy


That is a picture of me. For YOU look to your own pictures. I want a voluntary decentralized government ran from as close to me as possible.

Does that imply that I won't work with others or want chaos. Of course not. I just want my community to come together of their own choice to make the decisions for my community. You know the people directly impacted by those decisions.

More than that I have banded together with other like minded people to do this.


They are called The Libertarian Party. Come check us out.
We do elections too. In 2020 I'll be voting for this guy,


His name is Adam Kokesh,

He is on Steemit- @adamkokesh

Here is him campaign site-

Or you can find out more info here, you can also get a free copy of his book Freedom!-


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So right! It has become SOP for evil that dates way back to the Garden. It has been from our family house to our church house and from our courthouse to the white house. I like to refer to the common use now as more a divide and control. Evil knows it cannot win and is now concerned more about the control and disruption of us

I do not know the subject but in a general matter. I 100% agree with your picture ! This might be the main issue in this world. Human fighting each other..

Totally agree with the things you wrote. Though I don't live in the US, I agree that they are trying to set up a big plan going on for years now to make sure we keep fighting each other.. But the whole problem is those people in the government. Had my share of struggle too in Holland, even left the country for safety reasons. And now they are probably refusing to give me a passport (I live in Hungary so went to the Dutch embassy) because of a debt that they should have marked as a gift.. great ! If youre interested you can read my posts, I have plenty more corruption issues to expose .. Keep up the writing and enjoy the weekend ;)


Corruption is the nature of Government. Hopefully, you can get things worked out. This is a global evolution. The state will be overcome.


Yes I know by now this is "normal" just can't get my head wrapped around the fact that some people still don't seem to see how the world is being brainwashed and controlled. Luckily more and more people are opening their eyes nowadays..

We need to end the two-party system in America. Which is really a one-party "Big Government" system. The old political parties are beyond repair!


Agreed, I think that in a natural course they should break themselves up, The Dems should give a few members to a Marxist party, to a centrist party, and to maybe a leftist environmental party or in this case join with maybe the Green Party. The GOP should divide into a NeoCon Party, also give to a centrist party, a conservative party, and a few come our way. Ultimately I want to make parties obsolete as they certainly will not be needed in communities and again Localization, in my opinion, gets us much more quickly to a stateless society.

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So, you're a minarchist?


Anarchist, but Voluntaryist if you like.

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