Fiat Is Technically Worthless. Cryptocurrency Could Reinstate Value In Trade.

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Is the majority of humanity completely mentally deficient? Sadly the
answer is yes. Technology after technology lands right in our lap and we
proceed to outlaw all the aspects of said technologies that would
increase our ability to exercise the freedoms, with which we were born,
without interference by some fictitious and unnecessary authority.

All traditional markets appear to be majority manipulated.
Cryptocurrency markets do not appear to be immune to this, though
some may be resistant, and a few may well be impervious, this I cannot

If the governments are not allowed to shut down cryptocurrency, we
maybe able to use the inherent value in privacy of transaction, security
of transaction, trustless transactability, and verifiablity of transaction to
bring back confidence in our economic and financial systems. As it is
now, I wouldn't trust financial investments if I only had two brain cells
and one eye.

If the governments are allowed to continue to run roughshod over all of
our rights, claiming, and seizing a portion of every transaction and in
some cases interaction, without providing any value of their own, with
ever increasing greed, then We the People will continue down the road
of the ever tightening squeeze of enslavement that is the global
company town, where living your life always costs just a little more than
what you have or can make.

Luckily, It also appears that the pervasive nature of the technology of the
internet, and good cryptocurrencies would make it easier to rid the world
of governments than to eradicate cryptos.

Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work?


I believe that some governments will try to regulate cryptocurrencies, however We the People will win in this war :)

Thank you for your comment.

There is nothing the large interests can do. It would be like an entity from our three spatial dimensions declaring war on an entity from four spatial dimensions. It is not a space that can be reached.

Thank you, I try to make it entertaining. I'm not sure it's entirely apt, but outside of the box is where our freedom lies.

Fiat has proven very useful. And it will remain useful for quite some time. But now there is a choice for better money. The Good will drive out the less Good.

Thank you for your comment.

We have been allowed to benefit by the use of fiat to the extent that it benefits the people who have majority control. When The People have the ability to transact free of interference by people who provide no value, but only stand to the side with a gun and their hand out, We the People will have an opportunity to realize our life, liberty, and property as truly ours without having every benefit of our labor for ourselves squeezed out to benefit worthless people who have made a dishonest claim to authority.

Indahnya ilmu saling berbagi.......mari kita saling membatu sesama kita. Silakan upvote / resteem ya jika anda suka.

Thank you for your comment, interest, and support, It is very much appreciated.

Cryptocurency is on the rise but i think its not ready yet for massive deployment. The autority already start to freak out and try to slow down the growth.slow and steady will win the race IMO.

The war on cash is in full swing. It would behoove us to be ready with a government proof alternative by the time it is fully outlawed, just ask India.

We live in a scary era

At least it's scary for everyone.

There are pros and cons of any innovation that takes place. Good people use it for well-being and bad ones for destruction of some kind. It should not be fully regulated but some kind of measures should be in place for public safety. Every government will have a different approach towards it. Japan has it tax free, doesn't mean that every one could follow their steps. Hopefully it should bring good to mankind going forward. Hail cryptos!

Crypto currency makes tax collection impossible. We should all be celebrating!

Thank you for your comment. Hail cryptos!

The right crypto could regulate itself by being designed to do so. Government regulation seems to go wrong every time, the more government power, the worse the failure in the long term. Unlimited corporate or money power is another part of this problem. The government's existence is supposed to be predicated on the consent of The People, to benefit the people, not to function as another wing of the gang that is seeking to rob anyone who does not have the power to stop them. If government is not serving The People they are illegitimate, should be thrown out, and jailed, and tried for treason against We the People.

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